Glow-On-The-Go with Tarte!

product review

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of a good contour & highlight! It has pretty much revolutionized the beauty game, and so when Tarte launched an on-the-go highlight & contour palette I was super excited! Tarte has transformed their original six-shade palette and created three new shades for their mini version, the Tartiest Pro To Go Highlight & Contour Palette. Not only is the packaging on-point, another big bonus is that all three shades are powders, whereas the original set had a cream option, which I found could move a little too much. Not only do powders prolong wearability, but they’re perfect for when you’re already out and you just need a little touch-up. And what makes me love this palette, even more, is it smells a little chocolatey – love!
What it is: A sleek, portable contour and highlight palette with two glowing highlighters and a matte contour in powder form.

What it does: Three fade-free shades have been mixed to flatter all skin tones and mimic real shadow and light reflection on the face, for the ultimate natural glow and definition.


What we liked: The thing I love the most is that it’s just so compact; it literally fits in the palm of my hand and it has a mirror too, so you can use it anywhere. The contour shade, Chisel, is gorgeous. It’s dark enough for my skin tone, so if you’re fair-skinned you’ll need to use this sparingly. The powder is really rich and creamy, so it’s easy to pick up on your brush, but means you’ll need to apply lightly. The Burst shade is so pretty, it’s a light sandy shimmer, which gives a flawless sheen. But I’m really loving the Gleam shade, the pigment is amazing and you can literally see the pearls. The only thing people with deeper skin tones might find is that it could look a little grey once applied, as it is quite white-toned.

What we didn’t like: The Chisel shade is beautiful, but I prefer my contour to have more of an ashy tone to sculpt, whereas this is more of a bronze. So, if you like to bronze and contour separately, this might not be ideal for you. However, it’s good that this can multi-task if you need it too.

Overall, I love the set, but the highlighters might not suit medium to darker skin tones. If Tarte launches more shades, it’ll be a necessity for every beauty connoisseur.

Price: $23