6 On-Trend Hairstyles For When You Skip Wash Day


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WFH did a serious number on our hair care and styling routine, but now that we’re back to business, it’s kinda hard to go back to what we did before. Let’s be honest, we’re all still skipping hair washes and swapping blowouts for braids, right? If the wash-dry-style regimen (cue the shudders) has you exhausted, we’ve got the DL on how to mask your third/ fourth / fifth-day hair sins. From cute claw clips to snatched braids, you’ll want to screenshot these for your next ‘meeting-that-could’ve-been-an-email.’

1. The Re-Return of the Claw

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What it is: Y2K-inspired, these claw clips have been flooding our FYPs for the whole year – talk about a comeback. These will have you looking like your fave 90s celebs at your Zoom meetings within seconds. All you have to do is pile a bunch of your hair into a half-up style, clip it while leaving a few strands free to frame your face. Tell us, how does it feel being an It girl?

@sephoraFrom #SephoraSquad member @christineleeee: Easy claw-clip hairstyles! Which one is your fave? #SephoraSquad♬ original sound – sephora

Who it’s best for: PSA: Claw clips are super fragile (yikes!). They work best for straight to wavy hair types from fine to medium textures. We love a half-up, half-down look for voluminous curls – this will ensure that you have a *snap*-free meeting. You can count on VinBee Metal Claw Clips, $8 to keep greasy strands off your face.

2. Serving Lewks with Snatched Buns

What it is: For days when you’re in your element, a sleek bun will keep pesky flyaways off your face by optimizing third-day oils for a smooth polish. Gather your loose strands into a ponytail, smooth out the crown, and twist around the base. Secure with elastics or bobby pins, or even better, pearl slides for effortless goddess-ing – Sagonia Lazarof does it best, really.

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Who it’s best for: We recommend this for all hair types. Don’t be afraid to let a few of your S-shaped curls or ringlets out – shout out to your natural texture, #hairlove.

3. #Girlbossing with a Head Wrap

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What it is: We’re obsessed with this scarf-to-wrap look that levels up third/ fourth/ fifth-day hair – wherever and whenever. Place the scarf on the top of your head, and wrap it around the base, letting it sit snugly around your hairline. We love how we can wrap this on right before we step out the door.

Who it’s best for: We love this look with braids but it can work for almost any hair type or style.

4. Snatch Your Braids into a Ponytail

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What it is: Braids deserve their own star on the Walk of Fame. A slick ponytail gives an instant facelift and helps zhuzh up tired braids. Use a scrunchie, an elastic, or do a half-up bun to refresh your look.

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Who it’s best for: Any and all kinds of braids, from box braids to jumbo braids.

5. Curly Baby Buns

What it is: When you’re slaying it with a headful of ringlets, you’ll find that your third-day roots need a lil’ hydrating TLC before you style them. A few spritzes of a detangling spray aimed at your roots will allow you to glide through and section your curls into two sections. Smooth the detangled area with a hydrating gel and tie-up with cut-up pantyhose (trust us) for a voluminous bounce. Lay your edges, if you cba.

Who it’s best for: We love this look with coily curls.

6. Tres Chic Loose Top-Knots

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What it is: Just-outta-bed hair can get dinner-ready in seconds with an effortlessly chill top-knot. Pull your hair up into a high pony, twirl into a spiral, and secure with an elastic (or two). We like things a little messy, so we let shorter sections from either side of our ears loose, along with an essential bun-wriggle. You could squeeze in a second ‘damn’ from your boo via some cute hoops. 

Who it’s best for: It looks SO good no matter your hair type or texture.

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