All The #HairTok Inspo For Your Next Snip – #GoodbyePinterest



If you’re one of those people who consistently curates a Pinterest board before a hair appointment, we salute you. Seriously, whenever we speak to hairstylists, they always recommend arriving at the salon with visual aids to save time and post-appointment tears. Basically, you understood the assignment.

However, recently we’ve moved away from Pinterest and turned to TikTok. Hear us out – not only is it easier for the hairstylist to see the exact cut and the way the hair moves, but it allows you and the stylist to get a 360 visual. So, to inspire your next cut, we *had* to share all of our fave trending hairstyles on TikTok RN. Get your hairstylist on speed dial STAT…

1. Trending Wolf Cut

@daniellemarcan @hairby_giorgia at @patrizia_manias ♬ original sound – </3

Ask for: A wolf cut

The trending wolf cut as sported by TikTok star Danielle Marcan adds body, texture, and volume. Oh, and major sex appeal. Seriously, we’re crushing on this undone, cool-girl style.

2. Gorg Knotless Braids

@kiraelon Reply to @emochronicals122 hope this helps <3 #knotlessbraids #hair360 ♬ original sound – kira <3

Ask for: Knotless braids

Knotless braids are always a good idea. First, they’re Beyoncé-approved and cute AF, plus they cause less tension on your scalp and therefore make the installation process less painful.

3. Bouncy ’90s Layers

@yourhairmom the ✂️ you need for VOLUME\ud83d\ude0d #haircut #hairinspo #90shair #foryou #fyp #bomanesalon #fyp #hairtok #h ♬ original sound – audios

Ask for: Soft, round layers

While this bouncy cut feels like an epic shoutout to the 90s it-girl aesthetic, it’s been making major waves (pun intended) on TikTok… For all the right reasons.

4. Extra Full Curls

@arayapendarvis Reply to @gaby.r_ 🥰 #curlyhair #curls #360 #naturalhair #curlycut ♬ original sound – Araya Pendarvis

Ask for: Rounded layers

These stunning curly layers look incredible on type 3A to 4C hair. Layered on top and long at the bottom, the angled style brings volume, volume, volume.

5. Dreamy V-Cut Layers

@belmz Reply to @moraadi 💁🏽‍♀️ #fyp #hair #foryou #hairstyle ♬ positions – Ariana Grande

Ask for: V-cut layers with curtain bangs

Adding volume can be tricky, especially if you have straight hair, but this heavily layered V-cut brings SO much fullness to the table. Add these cascading layers to your #hairinspo for volume and movement, no matter your preferred length.

6. #CurlyGurl Bangs

@poppincurlsbeauty Curly Tips✂️😙 #curlycut #SoFiBreakUpChallenge #AVrboForTogether #fyp #foryou #curlybangs #curls #curlyhair #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhairstylist ♬ Own brand freestyle x my type by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Ask for: Face-framing bangs and shoulder-length cut

Bangs are versatile AF and look absolutely divine on our curly-haired boos! When snipped to flatter your face, curly bangs bring a wow factor to every occasion.

7. The Classic U-Shaped Cut

@hermela_solomon Cut by @samrihairplus @shewayhair 👏🏾 #longhair #haircut #hairtok #longlayers #healthyhair #hair ♬ original sound – Mj Magele

Ask for: U-shaped cut with long layers

Calling our waist-length beauties! If your strands are itching for a snip, but you can’t stand the idea of saying goodbye, opt for the classic U-shaped haircut.

8. Rounded ‘Fro

@curlpop #CurlPop #Hair into an #Afro. Watch it #Pop #ShowUpShowOff #curls #doitbold #curlsfyp #fyp #parati#rulos#cachos #rizos #expressyourself ♬ original sound – CurlPop

Ask for: Rounded afro.

If you want more definition to your kinky locks, this cut and styling option is a no-brainer. We’re obsessed with the final look.

9. Wispy Curtain Bangs

@jihoneysweetmy hair as u requested !!♬ original sound – Doja cat 🐈‍⬛

Ask for: Curtain bangs

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance but ultra-cool fringe option, curtain bangs are the way forward. The fringe style will add an undeniably chic accent to any hairstyle.

10. Choppy Bob

@stxph.h Reply to @veryfunandcoolgirl 360 hair THIS product is *chefs kiss* #fypシ #foryou #360hair #hairinspo #shortbob #haircut ♬ Queen of Paisley – Silas Short

Ask for: Bob length, subtle curtain bangs, and bottom-heavy layers

Searching for a sign to chop your hair off? This is it. Whether styled or worn au-natural, the choppy bob creates the illusion of more volume. #obsessed!

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