6 Halal-Beauty Brands To Shop Just In Time For Eid

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Clean… Natural… Organic… While these buzzwords have gained some serious momentum over the past few years, there’s another category to keep your eyes peeled for… Halal-certified. Whenever a beauty brand creates products that align with the Islamic faith, it earns a Halal-certified sticker – which means it’s suitable for Muslims to use. Typically used to deem a food item safe for Muslim consumption, halal is the Arabic term for ‘permissible’ and it extends effortlessly to beauty formulas that are applied to the skin.

Halal-certified products are free from alcohol or animal products such as carmine (derived from cochineal beetles); fat from pigs, cows, and sheep; animal hair, skin, and bones, or beeswax. To qualify as Halal-certified, brands must also ethically source their ingredients, adopt eco-conscious practices, and shouldn’t test on animals. All in all, they’re do-gooders for your skin and the planet. These six seriously bomb halal brands won’t let you down.

1. Mersi Cosmetics

Most nail polishes don’t let water penetrate through them, which can be problematic for Muslims who cleanse certain parts of their body in preparation for prayers, including their nails. That’s why Mersi decided to step in with a breathable polish formula that allows water to pass through it. After a lot of trial and error, they finally launched a collection of halal polish formulas so EVERYONE could enjoy #ManiMondays. To the team, we say, Merci beaucoup!

What to shop: Retba Halal Nail Polish Breathable, $13

2. Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals was legit made for green beauty fanatics. Be it makeup or skincare, their formulations are all infused with natural minerals and safe for all skin types and tones. From pigmented blushers to setting powders, breathable nail polishes, and glossy lip balms, Sampure Minerals has a halal solution for literally everything. Oh, and it’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

What to shop: Instant Glow Mineral Loose Illuminating Powder, $26

3. dUCk Cosmetics

To say that #BawseBlogger Vivy Yusof has redefined modest clothing fashion in Malayasia would be an understatement. In fact, it was her love for scarves and hijab-fits that inspired her beauty business. And can we just say, she’s crushing it! Her label currently offers *takes a deep breath* makeup, skincare, accessories, clothing, AND stationery. Every makeup newbie, stationery collector, and modest fashionista will find something to love on her website. As for her makeup line, it’s filled with lash-lifting mascaras and the most stunning lipsticks that look oh. SO. PRETTY.

What to shop: Lipstickwitu Satin Lipstick – Central Perk, $15

4. Tuesday In Love

Looking to upgrade your beauty collection? Tuesday In Love has every product you could possibly splurge on, including Halal-certified nail polishes. Every color (and there’s a lot) is vegan, free from five toxins, and hasn’t been tested on animals. But the best part is its stunning finish that everyone’s raving about.

What to shop: Secret Kiss, $19

5. Glow by Claudia Nour

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Founder Claudia Nour wanted to bridge the gap between acne-friendly and halal makeup products. After she found what clicked (peep: minerals), she decided to absorb as much info on makeup formulation before kickstarting her business. She most certainly did a good job. Not only are they halal and wudu-friendly, but they’re also good for acne-prone skin and the environment. Naturally, she sources her ingredients ethically too. #Love.

What to shop: Mineral Skin Tint, $18

6. Amara Cosmetics

Since “Halal isn’t limited to what is consumed as food but also applies to what is put on our skin,” Amara Cosmetics wanted to help Muslim women feel beautiful without worrying about what’s inside their products. And they did exactly that by carefully studying Islamic law while curating their inkey list and formulations. The result is a collection of high-quality, long-wear, super pigmented products, all made without any animal-derived substances. With tons of Halal-certified lipsticks, nail polishes, and setting powders to shop, they’re essentially a beauty green-house, IYKWIM.

What to shop: Moisture Rich Matte Lipstick Penny Latte, $16

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