This Is The Easiest Way To Get Healthier Skin And Hair


By now, most of us have our skin and hair care routines on lockdown, especially as being at home 24/7 has given us more time to spend on self-care than ever before. But what if you’re doing the most with your routine but still not seeing the results you should be? Well there are lots of other causes you could consider, like stress or your diet, but did you ever wonder about your shower water?

It’s not something we think about often, but shower water contains chlorine and minerals that can cause skin and hair issues. Take the minerals in hard water as an example; they leave behind soap scum that can cause dry hair that feels weak and looks limp. Hard water can even worsen issues like eczema and psoriasis symptoms as it increases sensitivity to irritants in soap products. Meanwhile chlorine in your water strips natural oils from your hair and skin, which can lead to dry skin, a flakey scalp, and oxidized hair color. Basically, your water can be doing all kinds of harm you have no idea about.

Shower filters are particularly important if you have hard water. The issue with hard water is that it has a high mineral content, which is fine for drinking but not ideal for your skin and hair. Hard metals inside your water prevent soap from properly foaming and washing off, which means they can leave behind a film-like residue on your skin – essentially soap scum. In fact, this buildup can even clog your pores and lead to breakouts on your body or your face.

Kinda scary that what you thought was getting you clean could be doing more harm than good. Fortunately, there’s a fix in the form of a shower filter. TBH, we’ve bought shower filters before, but sometimes they’re such a hassle to put in that they literally lie in a box for years before you decide to donate it to a friend who has the patience to deal with it – true story!

Finally, we discovered a new shower filter brand that was basic-bitch friendly – it took us one minute to add to our shower! The HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter ($70 for a one-off purchase or try a free trial of their subscription), is one of many shower filters on the market, but this brand really has a fuss-free approach that is both inexpensive and eco-friendly, but more on that later.

HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter

We’ve been testing the HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter for the last six months to see if we really could notice a difference – spoiler alert: we really did! Here’s everything you need to know about how this shower filter works to protect your skin and hair.

How it works: The HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter uses an NSF-certified ingredient that transforms (via a molecular oxidative reduction) up to 98% of chemicals and metal ions like chlorine, lead, mercury, and iron, into harmless substances. Chlorine, for example, becomes non-toxic chloride. It also contains Calcium Sulfite, Granulated Activated Carbon, and Ceramic Derma Beads to boost filtration, and remove chemical impurities and odor.

Our experience: Truth be told, we noticed a difference after our very first shower experience. (Side note: The Dubai water is notoriously bad, and most people who move here notice an increase in hair fall within months). Not only did our skin feel softer, but so did our hair – who doesn’t love a product with instant results? Oh, and we also managed to install the shower filter in about two minutes!


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After a couple of weeks, we noticed that we had less and less hair falling out when we washed our hair, and six months later, we can confidently say that we now get at least half the amount of hairs come out during washing thanks to a healthier scalp.

Another pretty miraculous result was the disappearance of some very frustrating shoulder acne. Having had a continuous following of pimples on our shoulders for at least a year prior to using this filter (despite having tried many of our fave products to get rid of them) these cheeky pimples wouldn’t budge. We noticed around a month into using this filter that they slowly just stopped popping up, and now we literally (yes, literally) have no shoulder acne, just a little reminder in the form of some post-inflammatory pigmentation!

Probably the greatest benefit of a shower filter is to protect your hair color. If you’re someone who spends money on your hair, then it only makes sense that you use a shower filter to prolong the amazing color you paid for. Hard water means your color fades faster and it’s also more likely to turn your fresh highlights into an orangey shade of not-what-you-asked-for!

HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter

Added bonus: Hello Klean use 70% less plastic compared to other brands: Their filter casing is aluminum, and their packaging is made from hemp and recycled paper, which is biodegradable. Even the capsules are recyclable, and you can dispose of the ingredients as compost and recycle the old casing.

The verdict: We can confidently say that this is probably one of the best new additions to our beauty routine. Okay, it might not be as exciting as a new serum, but in comparison it costs less than most of our fave beauty products, and it lasts longer. We’ve already installed our refill capsule, which took us about one minute, so it’s fair to say that this is definitely a product we’ll be sticking with. We also love the sleek, clean design, which looks good and blends in with most modern showers.

The truth is, there are lots of different shower filters out there, but what we love about this one, apart from it being basic-bitch friendly and better for the environment, is how easy this is to upkeep. The HELLO KLEAN website has a subscription plan, which means they’ll send you a new filter every four months so you don’t have to worry about ordering or remembering when to replace your filter capsule. In fact, right now, you can even try this service completely free for 30 days, and if you don’t love the product, just send it back – now that’s product confidence! They also have a super cute Instagram page with loads of shower tips and facts if you really want to up your shower game.

Have you guys tried a shower filter yet? Let us know in the comments below.