5 Ways You Can Help To #StopAsianHate


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, there has been a sharp incline of hate crimes against Asian people in the US and around the world. The Queens Chronicle reported a 1900% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City alone just in the past year. More recently, violent attacks against Asian seniors have increased at alarming rates.

At Huda Beauty, we stand against racism of any kind and today we want to urge you to stand with us to #StopAsianHate. By raising awareness of these xenophobic attacks and educating those around you, you can help to be a part of actively making a difference. Here are five simple ways to stand up for those affected by these racist attacks.

1. Speak Up

Speak up and help stop the spread of harmful lies. Asian communities are not responsible for the COVID-19 virus. Have conversations with your friends, family and those around you, and spread awareness by speaking up on social media.


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2. Reach Out to Your Asian Peers

Support your Asian friends, colleagues and peers and check in on them. Look out for those in the community around you and make sure they feel safe and protected. A smile, a hello, or offering to escort someone on their errands can go a long way. Check in on any elderly people you know and offer to accompany them with their daily tasks to help them feel safe.

3. Donate or Volunteer

If you’re able to, donate to local organizations that help to keep the Asian community safe. You can also show your support by making monetary contributions to Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that is actively tracking and responding to the surge in racism and xenophobia – you can also report a hate incident on their site. Also check out organizations like Apex for Youth or volunteer to support your community: The Oakland Chinatown Coalition is seeking volunteers for Community Strolling, which advocates for making neighborhood improvements in the Bay area. Find more places you can donate to here.


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4. Amplify Asian Voices and Experiences

Share stories from the Asian community on your social pages to raise awareness of the situation and help people better understand these experiences. Learn about why the ‘Model Minority’ stereotype is so detrimental to the Asian community and how this is a harmful stereotype that further divides communities.


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5. Share Resources

Drive awareness of Mental Health and Safety. Stop AAPI Hate has useful resources of how to cope with racially-charged encounters, and what you can do to help if you are witnessing a hate crime. The Asian Mental Health Project provides empowering and educational content – share it with your friends and those around you.

We ask you to share this post or discuss this topic with your friends to raise awareness and take action in supporting the Asian community.