Highly Requested: Inside My Closet


huda beauty closet

My closet is my sanctuary; it’s literally the only space that’s truly mine! You might recognize it from my tutorials, and I always get questions about my closet and how I store all my stuff, so I thought it’s time I showed you around! I recently had the whole room completely redesigned so I could make the most of the space and turn it into my dream closet. A huge shout out to Creative Closets for putting up with me being so picky and changing my mind, you made all my closet dreams come true!


I wanted it to have a soft, feminine edge, so it didn’t feel really boxy or old fashioned. I was particular about everything, from the white marble with bronze veins (which I love so much I now have everywhere in my new office) to the flooring, and the cupboards, which have this gorgeous soft leather-touch grain. We went with sleek gold handles and accents throughout, which just give it such a classic, timeless edge.

I worked with the team to design it in a way that allows me to be super organized. I store all my clothes in segments, like jackets, blazers, skirts, jumpers, jeans, and I even color coordinate each section. It might sound a bit over the top, but honestly, it makes finding clothes and getting dressed so much easier! I have a special cupboard for my favorite occasion dresses, space for my hats, belts, and all my bags.


The first thing I thought about with the design was my island, which is super important to me because it’s where I keep everything I don’t want to forget… My perfumes, my daily supplements, and lipsticks (which I like to display like candy)! I love Diptyque candles and always have them in my closet (their fragrances are divine), and I love the candles at ZARA Home, as they always have the cutest designs.


I LOVE sunglasses, especially mirrored lenses, they’re so much fun and always look cool. It’s so convenient that I have a mirror behind my sunglass shelves – it just makes choosing a pair so much easier! You might have noticed I have a slight obsession with wigs; they’re just such a fun way to switch up your look or add a pop of color. And of course, super convenient when you’re having a bad hair day.


So, this is just half of my shoe collection and half of my makeup counter. The makeup counter is where I spend most of my time, and where all my beauty must-haves are. The rest are stockpiled in draws: I have boxes upon boxes of draws (there are probably between 80 to 100 floating around the house), with about 20 of them in my closet. I keep all my jewelry in compartmented red velvet lined draws, and I have everything in there: from my favorite jewelry pieces to watches Chris bought me when we were teenagers.


I hope this is helpful for any of you who are trying to redesign your closet or makeup, or it gives you some inspiration for decor and storage. I had so much fun with this, and the makeover has made this space so extra special for me. Hope you love it!