Finally! Dropping The Falsies I've Been (Secretly) Wearing For Months


Any loyal Huda Beauty STANS will know that our journey began with lashes. I would literally spend hours creating my own lashes, clipping and cutting lash strips to make the perfect pair of lashes for my clients, until one day, my sisters convinced me to make my own and start a brand with them! So naturally, falsies hold a special place in my heart and my makeup kit.

Lashes are so transformative, and my lash style is constantly evolving as I try new trends, so our lash collection has to reflect that. Right now, it’s all about individual lashes for me, as they allow me to mix up my look so easily. That’s why I had to create our Hoodie Flares #25, our new individual lashes made with the most luxurious synthetic fibers and inspired by my fave Hoodie Lashes. They’re super easy to apply and my new fave lashes for day-to-night glam! By day, I love a natural glam with a few individual lash clusters on my outer corner, and then for full glam moments, I build it up with more drama.

And alongside these incredible individual lashes, we’ve leveled up our lash glues, making lash application completely fool-proof. Here’s the tea…


hoodie lash

The Hoodie Flares #25 contain individuals, natural chunks, and dramatic flares in different lengths and sizes so you can keep it natural or build to a more dramatic eye!

hoodie lash

The synthetic lashes come in three different styles, so no matter what your desired look, eye shape, or skill level, you’ll be able to nail a sexy lash in seconds. I actually love adding a cluster to the outer edge of my lash for extra daily drama.

They’re also unbelievably lightweight, so they’re super comfortable – I wear them all day long and I can’t even feel them! Because they’re individuals, they’re super easy to apply and remove, so you can reuse them again and again. And, of course, they’re dermatologist and opthalmologist-tested, so they’re safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

They’re also perfect for experimenting with new lash trends, from manga lashes to siren eyes. Plus, if you have any sparse areas in your natural lashes, they’re ideal for filling in the gaps.


How To Apply Individual Lashes

Step 1: Apply your usual mascara to add depth and definition to your natural lashes.

Step 2: Hold the lash cluster with a pair of tweezers and apply a thin layer of glue to the band of the lashes. You can apply directly from the tube or add a little glue to the back of your hand, and then lightly dip the cluster in the glue to give it an even coating.

Step 3: Let the glue dry for around 60 seconds and when the glue is tacky, place it where you want on the lash line.

Step 4: To blend your lashes together, apply a few more coats of mascara.

Sticky Tack Lash Glue, $14

Ok, so you know we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our products and make your makeup application easier and more seamless… Introducing our new and improved latex-free, Sticky Tack Lash Glue in Clear Tone.

When I began the process of making this glue, I knew I wanted to create a formula that you could apply and reuse, so you don’t have to worry about carrying lash glue around 24/7. There’s nothing cute about a lash that’s half-on, half-off! This lash glue literally works like sticky tack; you just peel it off, re-apply, and it holds. Honestly, I’ve removed the same pair of lashes over and over again, and they just stick right back on again. #It’sAboutDamnTime! The glue also dries down completely clear, so when you peel it off, it won’t leave a mark. However, once it’s on, your lashes will stay put, rain or shine, for up to 11 hours.

This is the same formula you might already know and love, but we’ve repackaged it to make the application quicker and more effortless. Instead of being in a squeeze tube, the new synthetic, super fine brush applicator allows for precise application to your lash band. It’s too easy!

Waterproof Lash Glue, $14

Of course, we also have our OG, fail-safe Waterproof Lash Glue, which is 100% sweat-proof, water-proof, and pretty much life-proof. It’s our savior during the summer months when we’re bouncing from pool parties to late-night dinners. #HotGirlSummer, hello? The lash glue has a dark tone, which blends seamlessly with any lash look creating the illusion of thicker and more voluminous lashes. The glue also peels off when dried, making removal stress-free. Seriously, taking care of your lashes is so important if you want to reuse them, and the easy-peel-off glue is a total gamechanger.

For a sultry lash and liner look, our black Waterproof Lash Glue is my go-to. For a really natural finish, our revamped Sticky Tack Lash Glue dries clear and makes application even easier, especially for lash newbies. I can’t wait for you to play with them!

Our Hoodie Flares #25, Sticky Tack Lash Glue, and Waterproof Lash Glue are now available online and will be in stores from August 9th.

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