How Hair Experts Stop Their Hair From Getting Dry AF In Winter


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When it comes to the seasons, most are known for hair-related positives and negatives. Summer can bring mermaid-status waves, but there’s humidity and frizz to put up with. Fall is around the time your mane is in desperate need of a little TLC (and maybe a color switch-up or cut), given the beating it took all summer. Then there’s that B winter. If your hair lives its best life in the winter, props to you, but most of us tend to experience the opposite, in the dryness department.

According to master colorist and owner of HBAR Salon in Stamford, Connecticut Antonio Maiolo, we get dry hair for all sorts of reasons. “For some of us, it’s just our hair texture and we have to be gentle with it,” he explains. “For others, it’s over-processing, or environmental issues like pollution, copper pipes, well water… And obviously, frigid temps don’t help. Ask your haircare specialist what treatments and products are right for you, to really get to the bottom of it.”

Well, we got a jumpstart on that for you and asked a few more to see how they nourish their locks when they’re approaching too-dry territory. From silky oils that restore split ends to overnight miracle-working masks and itchy scalp relief shampoos – if you’re desperate for immediate solutions, stock up on the below. And turn to these tried-and-tested tricks to give hot mess hair the makeover it deserves.

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If you can’t deal with your thirst trap hair, LA-based colorist Mikhayela Curry’s #1 tip is to always use oil. “Oil is the best barrier,” she says. “Any time you need to protect from anything, use hydrating oils before and after styling.” Curry loves Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil, $18, and dpHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy, $35.

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Sofia Richie’s stylist (and Mane Addicts member) Kathleen Riley swears by masks to combat her winter dryness. “I’m obsessed with the Gisou Honey Infused Mask, $62, and leave-in conditioners are another lifeline for brittle hair.” Riley’s pick to transform a dull, fraying or otherwise unsightly situation is Unite 7SECONDS Detangler, $29, along with hair vitamins. “Olly Nutrition makes my fav,” she adds.

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“I have curly Afro texture, but my hair’s actually thin, so I only use lukewarm water when washing it, then I blast with cool water at the ends to seal the cuticles,” explains R+Co Collective member Richy Kandasamy. “I also suggest investing in a humidifier to further lock in hydration and sleeping on a silk-lined pillow to prevent breakage. “Eating a diet centered around Vitamin C, A, and E boosts your immune system and repairs hair damage as well,” he adds. As for products, Kandasamy prefers a sulfate and mineral oil-free formula (like R+Co CASSETE Curl Shampoo, $29, and a conditioner that will retain moisture, while taming frizz (like CASSETTE Curl Conditioner, $29).

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Colorist and stylist Amanda Lee works with Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Bieber, so the girl knows a few things about keeping locks looking A-list. If your hair is dryer than the Sahara, stop over-washing it! “One to two times a week is plenty for cleansing, but over-washing strips your hair of the good oils that we want to coat the follicles,” she warns. If you’re dealing with an itchy scalp (which is normal during colder months), Lee advises using Philip B. Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo, $42, once a week. “As soon as the temperature drops I switch to this shampoo — which I’ve been using for eight years — to bring my scalp back to life.”

Speaking of scalp health, one of Maiolo’s pro tips is to apply anti-dandruff shampoo five to 10 minutes before you wash, to really benefit from its full strength. “Remember, shampoo is for your scalp; conditioner is for your hair. Shampoo from your scalp down, and condition from the ends up, but less product is more.” Another one of his winter hair no-nos is letting your hair air dry. “Not only can it grow bacteria, but it dries out your natural oils.” And whatever you do, book regular trims. “Once the hair leaves your scalp, she’s dead! Shampoo and condition with quality products, and get a cut every three to four months. Your hair will thank you!”

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