How I Get My Nighttime Glow Up: Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask


Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

Hey my loves, I’m SO EXCITED to finally share my holy grail nighttime ESSENTIAL with you guys! I wanted to create a transformative leave-on mask that gives me radiant, rejuvenated skin to mimic that Big O glow… So say hey to our NEW WISHFUL Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask. I use it EVERY night to slug with (more on that later) as it seals in all my skincare products to ensure I ALWAYS wake up refreshed, super hydrated, and glowy AF. Literally, the cherry on top of my routine!

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

I’m obsessed with the gooey, moisture-locking formula that prevents trans-epidermal water loss, which basically means it stops water evaporating from your skin. Traditionally thick occlusive formulas are used at night to create this effect, and it means your skin stays extra hydrated. Pillowgasm is like a lighter alternative to slugging with thick petroleum jelly but with wayyy more benefits thanks to all the amazing ingredients we added.

The Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask Formula

This delicious leave-on nighttime formula is non-greasy and non-comedogenic (it won’t block your pores) and it’s infused with some of my fave nourishing and repairing ingredients. Carrot extract works overnight to revitalize skin, cherry extract has loads of glow-boosting benefits and helps tired-looking skin appear brighter, while hemp seed oil and adenosine help to repair the skin’s barrier.

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

Unlike other heavy slugging formulas, Pillowgasm is loaded with repairing ingredients that reduce signs of fatigue, brighten, and even skin tone while protecting and boosting your skin barrier. So for nights when your skin needs extra love, this is your friend with ALL the benefits that will ensure you always wake up with fresh and plump skin.

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask Key Ingredients

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

Packed with a hefty dose of super hydrating glycerin, this mask packs a nourishing punch with four key ingredients:

🍒Cherry extract: Packed with Vitamin C, this super antioxidant brightens and evens skin tone.

🥕Carrot extract: Rich in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene to help boost skin’s radiance.

💧Adenosine: Helps repair the skin’s barrier, improve the appearance of fatigue & soften the appearance of fine lines.

🍃Hemp seed oil: Helps revitalize tired skin to appear nourished and soothed

Where to use pillowgasm sleeping mask

Slugging With Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

Okay, in case you missed the slugging memo, slugging is a process of layering a thick occlusive product (usually Vaseline) onto your skin at the end of your nighttime routine. It’s a technique that has literally been around for decades, but it’s been blowing up on TikTok over the last year. Why would anyone do this? Well, it stops a process called Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from taking place. TEWL means water that evaporates from your skin, and the less water that escapes, the healthier and more hydrated your skin is. Pillowgasm creates a thin film on the skin and stops water from escaping, so not only does it prevent transepidermal water loss, it also helps your products work their magic more effectively.

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask is like a lighter alternative to slugging except it’s also packed with tons of delicious ingredients, so it gives waaaaay more benefits. This formula is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores and is safe to be used on all skin types. We recommend using a pea-sized amount at the end of your nighttime routine. Depending on your skin type or your experience with slugging, you can use from as little as a pea-sized amount to more.

How To Use Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

How to use Pillowgasm sleeping mask

Use Pillowgasm as the final step of your nighttime routine to lock in all that goodness. Here are some of my top tips for using it with your other skincare products.

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask 101:

  • Use at the end of a hydrating skincare routine
  • Layer on top of an oil (like my fave, WISHFUL Get Even Rose Oil)
  • Use two to four times a week for get that post-O glow!
  • Avoid using it with retinol, benzoyl peroxide, or AHAs and BHAs – because it makes your skincare products work harder. If you apply it on top of these potent formulas, it could make these formulas more irritating for your skin.

Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask

I’m also super happy to share with you guys the amazing results we got from our consumer testing of Pillowgasm for just 10 days:

  • 96% Agreed their skin felt plump* 
  • 95% Agreed their skin felt more nourished * 
  • 96% Agreed their skin felt softer* 
  • 98% Agreed their skin looked less tired*

*Based on an independent consumer testing panel of 46 people, using Pillowgasm every evening.

I cannot wait for you guys to try it! Shout out any questions in the comments below!

Our WISHFUL Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask, $39 USD (34 GBP/ 39 EUR/ AED 169), launches on and with our other retailers on September 1st! Be sure to tag @wishfulskin on Instagram and use #RealSelfieSunday – I can’t wait to see all your glowing selfies.