How Is Hijab Makeup Different? These Bloggers Weigh In


If you search online, you can find different makeup techniques for everything, whether it’s to suit your eye shape and hair color or how to flatter your features. It got us thinking, what are the beauty rules for when you’re wearing a hijab – are there even any? So we reached out to some of our fav hijab and turban-wearing beauty bloggers to get the DL on their hottest tips and tricks. So, if you’re wondering whether you should be coordinating your eyeshadow with your headscarf or you’re struggling to avoid getting makeup on it, here are their tips and tricks for expressing yourself with makeup and slaying your look:

MUA and Slay Queen Samira Sheego

Scrolling down Samira’s Insta page is like landing in Wonderland – you will end up spending ages on her page because her looks are just SO stunning. We love her hack for tying together her makeup and outfit with a super easy DIY. “You can probably tell that I love coordinating my eye looks with my jewelry, but when I don’t have a piece of jewelry to match, I take an old hijab that matches and I DIY my own stylish choker, and viola, custom made jewelry that matches your look perfectly!”

“I love to wear a black hijab with very bold eye looks, seeing as black goes with every color on the spectrum!”

If you’re new to makeup, Samira recommends choosing a palette that has everything, “A tip for all the makeup newbies who just want to have a palette for everything, is to use the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette for your eyeshadow, contour, blush, and highlight. It has the perfect mix of colors and makes traveling so easy. I use this one a lot!”

MUA, Influencer, and YouTuber Salima Aliani

If you live for an ultra-glam Insta-feed, you need to head to Salima’s page. Salima’s mantra is all about balancing color, from your jewelry and headscarf to your makeup, it’s about tying together your entire look, “It’s all about complementary colors. A complete look should contain at least three colors.”

“There are no real rules but if you’re already wearing a lot of colors try to keep your makeup look more subtle with neutral eyeshadows and a pretty pink lipstick,” Salima explained.

“If your outfit is quite simple and monochromatic, you can continue the theme with a beige turban, which looks gorgeous with a rich burgundy or plum lip. If you want to add some color, try a muted red or plum-colored turban, and opt for a more subtle lip in a nude or rosewood shade.”

Beauty Influencer and Glamour Columnist Hani Sidow

You’d be shocked to know that at just 21, Hani has managed to turn her glow goals into major ‘Gram goals. Not only are her makeup skills on point, but she’s also landed herself a major gig as a monthly columnist at Glamour Magazine.


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Hani shares her genius hack for avoiding getting her makeup on her hijab: “If you’ve ever tried applying or retouching your makeup while wearing your hijab, then you’ll know the struggle and how frustrating it can be! I always find myself trying to do Snapchat or Instagram tutorials and getting my foundation or powder on the corners of my headscarf. It wasn’t until recently I thought I would try out a hack to make sure that my hijab stays fresh after retouching my make-up on the go. I add a little bit of tissue under and over my headscarf before I go in with my powder to get rid of any oil that I’ve picked up during the day. Once I’m done, I remove the tissue from my hijab and I am good to go! This is a great hack if you’re a blogger and struggle to keep your hijab make-up free when filming.”

Source: Instagram/@hanihanns

Conclusion? Keep your highlighter popping and contour like a pro – makeup for when you’re veiled is just the same! Our key takeaway is that to make your look more harmonious, by coordinating your makeup with your hijab or turban, and accessories will make you slay even harder. Let us know if you have any tips in the comments below.