How To Apply False Lashes Like A Bawse


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You know that feeling when you get your lashes on, and you look in the mirror and you just think, SLAY! For me, lashes are like a miracle in a box, I put them on, and I feel like they instantly transform my face; they open up my eyes, add drama, and damn they just make me feel so glam! But I also know the struggle is REAL when it comes to putting on false lashes, and that it can be a super frustrating process.

Finally, after wearing false lashes nearly every day for over a decade, I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a pro – it’s taken a lot of practice! Here’s my ultimate guide to the entire process of applying false lashes: from how to measure and trim them, the best glue, my secret tip for beginners, the final application, and ensuring they sit just right!

I hope this tip makes it super easy for you. Check out our Huda Beauty Eazy Lashes, which are extra easy to put on if you’re still in the novice stage. Soon you’ll be putting on lashes like a bawse in no time at all.