Why I ALWAYS Bake My Brows!


In honor of National Brow Day, I wanted to share with you guys one of my ALL-TIME favorite makeup hacks… baking my brows – it’s my holy grail! Without baking my brows, they can be a sweaty mess by the time it hits 5 pm, whereas when I bake, they look flawless no matter what I’m doing. I also love that baking them makes them look a little more natural and softens your look – so it’s great if you like to fully fill your brows but don’t want it to look too harsh. Baking your brows can take one minute or you can let your bake set while you do your makeup, the end result is the same: soft, full brows that last ALL day long!

How To Bake Your Brows

Step 1: Once you’ve filled in and sculpted your brows, take a dense stiff brush like the Smoke & Smudge Brush, $18, and pack a loose setting powder onto your brows. You can apply it just at the front of that’s the area you want to soften, or if you tend to get oily brows, you can use it all over. Don’t worry that your brows look a bit crazy, they’ll look great when you brush away the powder.

You can use a translucent or colored loose powder, I use our Easy Bake Setting Powder in Banana Bread, $34, as that’s what I use every day to brighten under my eyes.

Step 2: Wait one minute or longer for the baking powder to work its magic.

Step 3: Using a spooley, brush through your brows to remove the remaining powder. We like to brush our brows upwards at the front of the brows, then follow the shape from the arch to the tail.

Et voila! Insta-ready brows that’ll stay in place all day long. For more brow tips, check out the brow shaping rule you need to know.