How To Achieve 2021’s Hottest Brow Look: Feathered Brows


feathered brows

This week we’re celebrating all things brows! With the launch of our first-ever brow product, we are stoked for you guys to nail your brow look with our new #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil! It has the THINNEST TIP for a brow pencil EVER and gives you the freedom to create any brow look you like, from thin and fierce to fluffy, bold or natural.

#BOMBBROWS microfine tip

Today, we wanted to talk you through how to achieve arguably THE HOTTEST brow look of 2021: Fluffy, feathery brows! And, considering most of us let our brows grow out in the first lockdown – like why deal with them when no one’s going to see us anyway – this is even easier to achieve than ever before! Ultimately, we are digging the full brow look, and we love how this natural, fluffy-feathered style suits our day-to-day minimal makeup vibe.

The best thing is, this fluffy-feathered brow look only really takes a few minutes to perfect and a few quick steps.

How to Do Feathered Brows


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Step 1: Brush your brows upwards. This allows you to get the shape and see where you need to microshade using small, hair-like strokes.

Step 2 (optional): If you tend to err on the side of oily, then you will love this hack: lightly set your brows with a dusting of translucent powder to prep and soak up any oils sitting on the skin.

Step 3: Use #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil to draw tiny hair-like strokes into any areas you want to add definition and fill out. Start at the arch and work your way along the tail of your brow, then move to the front of your brow and add definition.

Check out our brow shade matching guide to find the best #BOMBBROWS match for you.

Step 4: Once you’re happy with the added definition, you can use soap to set your brows (we love the Pears soap) or any kind of brow gel. Soap will diffuse some of the pigment to soften and blend your look, so if you prefer a more defined brow, you can use soap to brush up your brows, and once it’s set (about 5 minutes) then go in with your brow pencil to fill in and add definition for a more defined look.

We’re also big fans of the Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter Clear Eyebrow Gel, $24, which is great for on-the-go when a bar of soap isn’t an option! Once your pencil is set in place, just comb through your brows to keep them locked in all day.

What do you guys think of this fluffy, feathered brow look, are you into it? Let us know in the comments.

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