How To Feel More Confident In Your Own (BEAUTIFUL) Skin


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For many of us, the idea of going makeup-free in public can be a little daunting (if it’s not, we salute you)! And we totally get it – we’re so used to contouring our cheekbones, filling in our brows, and plumping up our pout. But, as great as makeup is, it’s also super important to be comfortable in your own skin and not be reliant on makeup to feel good. After all, when you apply makeup, you’re really just enhancing your natural beauty, so feeling proud of what your mama gave you is essential.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s easier said than done – we all have our own insecurities but try to remember it’s those unique features and aspects, which you may perceive as a “flaw,” that makes your beauty yours, so try and own it the best you can. We’re not saying it’s going to happen overnight, but over time, once you start accepting those unique characteristics, we promise you’ll feel more confident in your skin, sans makeup. If you need a little inspo, check out these celebs who have embraced the no makeup vibe and look just as beautiful (if not more stunning) when they ditch the makeup. And the same goes for you, you’ll look just as gorgeous. Plus, the feeling of true comfort of being just ‘you’ is incomparable! Here are a few tips that can help you feel more confident going makeup-free!

1. Give yourself a facial

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Nothing makes you feel more gorgeous than a facial. However, our budget doesn’t always mean we can book an appointment as frequently as we’d like. So instead, show your skin some love and give yourself a little at-home spa treatment with these easy steps. Just remember to find products that work for your skin – if you’re a bit confused about what your skin needs specifically, visit a dermatologist or get your skin mapped. A lot of the time we use products that say they are going to make you look like Heidi Klum but if the ingredients aren’t what your skin needs, it could be counterproductive. We like to give ourselves a mini facial weekly, who needs highlighter when your skin is lit-from-within, right?

2. Get some beauty sleep

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Go to bed. No, seriously, right now, just go, get into bed! Not getting enough sleep can cause your body to over-produce cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Cortisol can cause inflammation, which is what gives your face that ‘puffy’ feeling, and it floods your body with glucose that can lead to breakouts. When our skin is inflamed, it encourages the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which over time, causes your skin to lose elasticity, making you look drained. A good night’s sleep is what your body needs to balance hydration levels, it’s also much more likely to recover and restore while you’re sleeping. Science is literally telling you to get some rest – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason! For more top tips read our experts guide on how to have the best night’s sleep.

3. Eat and drink right

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What we put into our bodies shows up on our face. And no, that doesn’t mean you should start eating glitter. Seriously, don’t do that. A healthy gut makes for healthy skin and hair, and unfortunately, too much sugar and junk food will work against you. Keeping yourself hydrated is KEY as your skin needs moisture to stay supple and glowy and we don’t have to tell you to eat your fruit and veg, which are packed with vitamins and minerals that keep you looking (and feeling) gorgeous. Check out the essentials your body needs to get its best glow on here.

4. Take it slowly

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If you’re a cake face like us, it’s a little unrealistic to tell you to go makeup free to a black-tie event. Instead, go at your own pace, take little steps – perhaps, opt for the no-makeup makeup look first, without actually wearing zero makeup. Even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store, going to the gym or walking your dog, try and put the foundation down. A lot of going makeup-free is just biting the bullet and stepping out of your comfort zone, which your skin will thank you for later. Set yourself a goal of not wearing makeup for a certain amount of time that you’re comfortable with, and once you’ve conquered it, you’ll feel great!

5. Smile

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In our opinion, no one looks more beautiful than when they’re smiling – it’s the best accessory! At the end of the day, no one’s going to be thinking about your mascara if you’re smiling, and chances are you’ll feel happier too. When you smile, your brain releases happy hormones called endorphins, such as serotonin. These hormones act as natural antidepressants, reducing stress, making you a happier, healthier person, which in turn will help you feel more confident. SO start smiling guys, it’s literally a cure-all!

Little note: Just remember to take it slow and never forget that you’re beautiful, always bearing in mind that it really doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you feel happy in your skin. Plus, a lot of the time our perception of ourselves isn’t what other people see at all. We all think that our makeup-free faces will strike horror in the hearts of people that know us, but more often than not, they don’t even really notice if you’re wearing makeup or not. So remember one last time, you are fierce, you are beautiful, and you got this!