Bella's Hairstylist Shares How To Slay Her Signature Snatched Bun


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Ask any Gen Z beauty lover who their modern-day beauty muse is, and we bet Bella Hadid will be mentioned. Not only is she one of the most popular supermodels of her generation, but her own personal style radiates this edgy Y2K energy, which always guarantees her a spot on the best-dressed list.

Out of all the looks that Bella’s championed, her go-to hairstyle, a super sleek snatched bun, has undoubtedly become her thing. It’s the ultimate off-duty model hairstyle, and while the look may say, “I just threw my hair up and it looks so effortlessly cool” it’s not necessarily the easiest look to recreate. Luckily for you, we sat down with her hairstylist, Dom Seeley, on how to get the look. Here’s everything you need to know:

The Sleek, Snatched Bun

Bella’s signature look is pretty simple. All it is is a snatched bun with a center parting. While the look is by no means new, during fashion month it crept back into our consciousness when we saw it all over the runway at Nensi Dojaka (the ultimate cool-girl brand), on the FROW, and on all the models as they exited the shows.

According to Dom, this look is actually best executed when your hair is a little greasy, “If you have gone 2 to 4 days between washes it makes it so much easier to get this look as the natural oils from your scalp can help you achieve a really good slick back.” He insists that’s one of the reasons he loves this style as it allows you to skip wash day and ensures you look chic AF in less than 10 minutes.

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Step 1: Dom insists that for this style, “Sectioning is key as it helps you position your bun where you want it to sit on the back of your head.”

“First, split the hair into two sections, either ear to ear or temple to crown. Do this on both sides of your head. Next, apply a formula to help snatch the hair.” Dom says anything from a wax, gel, serum, oil or even hair spray is ideal. In fact, he recommends using a leave-in conditioner or hair treatment to repair and rehydrate your locks, while still maintaining that off-duty vibe.

Step 2: Dom continues, “Once the product is applied, brush your hair back into one ponytail and secure using a dense brush. This will ensure all the hair is going in the same direction. Once in place, tie with an elastic or tight bungee band.”

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Step 3: “Next, repeat that same process and add the remaining hair by brushing it back and join it into the ponytail you created, essentially making one tight ponytail,” says Dom.

Step 4: Dom explains, “Add product to the ponytail as mentioned and twist and wrap your hair starting at the base to create a loop or swirl. Secure with an elastic and pin into place.” Dom warns, “This step may take you a few attempts but that’s ok as you want to go with the bun that suits the vibe you’re trying to achieve.”

Step 5: “To get that Bella Hadid look, twist and pin your hair but leave the ends out. Then, apply more product and spike the lengths out so you get that 90s cool girl bun,” says Dom.

Step 6: Dom adds, “Feel free to accessorize the finished look by adding claw clips or hair slides. This is great if you want to change the look from day to night.”

Step 7: “Once all the hair is in place, apply a high shine hairspray like the ColorWow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray, $26.” If you have baby hairs, don’t be afraid to get creative and lay your edges too.

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