Is Your Energy Off? An Expert Explains How To Reset & Re-Energize


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The term energy is ev-er-y-where! Seriously, you can’t scroll through socials, turn on the radio, or even have a conversation without the term poppin’ up; “she’s got such great energy!” “Bad energy… stay far away” … yup, you’ve seen it!

But, have you ever thought about what the term “energy” actually means or how to utilize your energy for better physical and mental well-being? Honestly, us neither until we met the gorgeous Negin Baradari, an energy advisor. The wash-away phrase, she has “good energy,” has never felt more appropriate when describing someone. Negin radiates positivity and is so kindhearted, so when she explained to us she worked in energy management, it made total sense. Our mind was flooded with questions on the topic, and we knew we had to share everything with you guys. Keep on reading for energy management 101: 

How Would you Define the Term “Energy”?

Negin is in total agreement when we say the term energy is circulating everywhere, “In the world of wellness, ‘energy’ is an ever-popular buzzword: Good energy, bad energy.” However, she adds, “It’s all part of the idea that if we gain clarity about our own energy typology, then we can manage our energy exchanges in a more gracious way to achieve greater mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.”

She explains, “My personal definition of “energy” is that it’s the most undervalued currency we own. The beauty about “energy” is that it has been defined throughout centuries by thinkers in a physical and metaphysical way.” She breaks down three definitions of energy:

Metaphysical: “Energy is the essence of everything that exists and is the foundation of all life and consciousness.” Albert Einstein

Philosophical: “Energy is the manifestation of the divine spirit in the physical world and is the source of all creation.” Isaac Newton

Scientific: “Energy is the universal energy that flows through everything and is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.” Nikola Tesla

Wow, those are three BIG definitions!

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What is Energy Management?

When Negin first told us she worked in energy management, NGL, we were kinda confused about what that really means. She clarified, “Energy Management is a system that combines ancient wisdom, science, and behavioral change practices. It provides a highly customized roadmap for your energetic operating system. It offers practical insights into areas such as how you’re designed to make decisions, interact with others, and operate in terms of work.” Honestly, it sounds major… we need to know more!

She continues to explain that it’s “based on your strengths, weaknesses, and avenues of potential.” She poses the question, “Imagine getting access to your energetic user manual. Energy Management is an MRI of your energy flows and a scan of your energy. It’s an exploration of how you are uniquely wired to connect with yourself and others. It works on the principle that energy exists inside and around all of us, and when you get stressed or feel lost, it can become depleted or stuck,” says Negin.

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As for the bottom-line benefits of energy management, she confirms it increases your “awareness of self, clarity on your bespoke set of strengths, natural talents and windows of opportunity.” Adding that it becomes “your user manual to optimize your habits, enhance your energy levels, and align with a lifestyle that fuels you and feels empowering.”

After hearing about this, we were so curious about Negin’s personal journal on energy management. She explained, “My spiritual journey started early on with my grandmother being my first teacher in this multidimensional arena. Looking back now, I realize that different ancient modalities came into my energetic field at various pivotal moments and intersections in my life.”

What Does a Typical Energy Management Session Look Like?

Negin explains what you can expect from an energy management session but does note that as she’s looking to optimize her individual clients’ energy, it looks a lil’ different for everyone. She says, “If my client is feeling energetically scattered (maybe forgetting things or being clumsier than usual), I’ll bring their energy into alignment. If they’re feeling energetically depleted, I’ll give them a boost. I do this through the process of channeling and moving energy through and around the body.”

During the session, Negin explains, “You’ll be offered practical insights and tools to manage your energy, such as how you are designed to make decisions, interact with others, and operate in terms of work and life balance.” She adds, “Think of it as an energy management manual; every action in life has an energetic component, so the more conscious we are with our actions, the more flow we create in our lives, and the more flow we create, the fewer blocks we have in our way.”

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If you’re wondering whether this is something that would work for you, Negin says that those who are drawn to her practice are spiritually curious and also looking to optimize their lives. She says, “They appreciate the fact that my practice offers a synergy between science and holistic wisdom. They’re also willing to show up FULLY, even through the discomfort. They’re ready to face what’s in the way of their massive upleveling. Above all, they have made a powerful choice to invest in themselves.” In short: you’ve got to be ready to put in the work – it may be uncomfortable, but it’ll be worth it.

Negin’s Quick Tips to Optimize your Energy

Of course, when it comes to energy management, like all things, there are no cheat codes. However, Negin did provide us with five helpful tips for you to note, bookmark, and save!

  1. Identify when you feel truly most energized from your core.
  2. Become aware of what you’re really good at and consider double-downing on that.
  3. Realize what activities, people, and places make you light up. Make note of this and repeat this situation.
  4. Get out of decision fatigue and get clear on how you’re wired to make decisions.
  5. Design your space, lifestyle, and environment aligned to your energy typology.

If you’re interested in an energy management session, Negin does online and in-person consultations (for all of you based in Dubai)! For more info, check out her website, and for more wellness tips, check out the wellness trend we’ll be relying on all year round.