How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer



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If you feel like you’re running back to the salon every couple of weeks to maintain your lash extensions, don’t worry boo, we got you. The secret to keeping your lash extensions looking fresh and flirty AF is showing them the TLC they deserve. Once you do, you can stretch out their life span to at least seven weeks with just one infill appointment. To help you make the most of your money – we’ll be real, lash extensions can be pricey – we rallied the Huda Beauty dolls for their top tips… And trust us, if anyone knows what’s up, it’s these lash lovin’ beauties.

1. Stay clear of oil-based products

To keep your lashes looking full and fluttery, avoid oil-based makeup products at ALL costs. The oil will break down the glue that binds the lashes together, making lashes fallout much quicker. This includes oil cleansers, oil-based makeup remover, and facial oils. Instead, cleanse your lashes using products that are made for lash extensions like the Bella Lash Lash Detox, $30, and Lash Cleanser With Makeup Remover, $12. These products will help remove any debris or bacteria from your eye while also keeping your lashes protected and, most importantly, intact!

2. Try to avoid eyeliner

Okay, so we know this one may be a little harder, especially if you love liner as much as we do… But whenever you can, try to avoid eyeliner as it’s super hard to remove it without rubbing the lashes, which will subsequently cause fall out. With that said, if you’re a liner hunny, remove it carefully with micellar water and a queue tip. Also, try not to apply the liner directly on the lash, instead begin a millimeter above the lash line. And don’t worry, you shouldn’t be able to see the unfilled area as your lashes will hide it.


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3. Use a spooley

Every morning when you wake up, brush your lashes with a spooley; use a standard spooley rather than a rubber one as it separates the lashes more gently. You should also avoid brushing too frequently, as you could tug on the lashes and loosen the bond, resulting in fallout. Try to aim for once or twice a day, max.

4. Sleep on your back and don’t rub!

We know for some people this may be more difficult than others, but you should try and sleep on your back to avoid lash fallout. To help, use a travel pillow to prevent you from turning onto your front during the middle of the night. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible.

5. Avoid wetting your lashes immediately

If there’s one thing most lash artists will tell you, it’s to not get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours (to allow time for the glue to set so that you can keep your lashes for longer), although this does depend on the glue used, so always check with your lash artist first (some say it’s not necessary to wait). After the first 24 hours, they can be wet and washed daily (very gently) to avoid bacteria build-up, so make sure you take care when you’re drying your eye area; gently blot with a soft towel, don’t tug! Try not to get your lashes needlessly wet in the pool or if taking a quick shower, but do clean them regularly with lash cleansers.

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