How We Lost 50 Pounds On The Keto Diet!


Hey my loves, so over a year ago I tried the keto diet, and I’ve had SO many questions ever since. I actually tried it because my sister, Mona, tried it and she lost so much weight on it. The keto diet is essentially a low-carb, high-fat diet, which can lead to fast weight loss, but you have to be really strict with it to see results!

Both my sister and I have PCOS, which means it’s easy to gain weight and hard to lose – great combo! Mona lost 35 pounds and now feels so much better and so much more energized. I really wanted to do a video for you guys with my sister to tell you about how keto worked for us, how much we lost, and what we did to keep ourselves on track – hint, there were a lot of keto snacks involved – and I hope you guys find it helpful.

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