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When it came to making our own skincare brand, it was SO important to me that it would be real – something people could really relate to and be a part of. What I mean by that is real results, real people, real skin – no models, no Photoshopping, no filters. Something that so far, is pretty much of unheard of in the skincare industry.

Real before and after photos, always:

While we were creating WISHFUL, I came to understand that most brands use models with flawless skin, who’ve never even used the skincare products they’re promoting. To add to it, these seemingly perfect images are then airbrushed further. Everything about it upset me, and not just because I’ve always struggled with my skin, but because it’s selling a false idea; an idea that airbrushed skin is possible. But the thing is, unless you work in the beauty industry, it’s hard to understand just how clever Photoshop can be – everything can look so real even though it’s had hours of editing. I wanted to show you guys what can easily be done to an image so that you can see how it appears to be real even though it’s really not:

I’m so happy with where I am with my skin, and when I look at my real unedited photos I feel proud. But that’s not what any of us see on skincare billboards or adds. So even though we all know images are edited, it’s impossible to imagine the extent to which they’ve been ‘perfected,’ which only makes most of us feel a little bit worse about our real skin. It’s not right for anyone to think they can achieve Photoshopped skin with just one product, and it’s definitely not fair!

When I told my team I wanted to only share real images for WISHFUL, they were shocked, but I truly believe this is what the industry needs no matter where that puts our brand. Honestly, when it came to our brand photoshoot, it was stressful, and I felt so insecure and vulnerable because I knew if I didn’t perform well, the pictures weren’t going to look good. About halfway through I took a look at my pictures and I really doubted myself, but then I realized that I need to embrace all of me and especially the hard work I have put into my skin. It was a super emotional shoot, and although it may not be 100% flawless (whatever that really means), it is real, and that’s beautiful to me. Ultimately, WISHFUL is about being real, you being you, being all of you, and embracing you.

Wishful Comments

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We also decided to use all our own employees to showcase how our products work – people with gorgeous, real skin.

Real before and after photos, always:

Personally, I’ve always been honest about my skin journey, my fillers, my nose job, and my Botox – you’ve literally seen it all on my YouTube channel – because I don’t want to lie, and I want you guys to see the full picture. And yes, I will use other brands and red light therapy in my skincare routine as well, and that’s exactly why I always tell you, because I want you to know the full story behind my skin. It’s challenging for us to take this step as a brand, and honestly, I don’t even know if anyone will care that we’re doing this, but I at least want you to have a better understanding of what you’re really seeing when you look at skincare ads, because that’s only fair.


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Become part of this movement for change in the skincare industry; ask other brands to get involved, ask them to use models that have actually tried and tested the products they’re selling, to stop airbrushing skincare images, and to start showing real before and after images. You guys can help to spearhead this industry change and I really hope that with your help, we’ll start to see more Photoshop-free skin in more skincare campaigns.