How To Spot Fake Huda Beauty Products (+ How Long Your Beauty Products Are Safe To Use)



These days it’s not just a fake Louis Vuitton bag that you can easily get your hands on; fake beauty products are everywhere, too! So, if you’ve ever wondered if your Huda Beauty product is real or not, this is for you. We spoke to our team to get you all the insider deets and also answer all your FAQs about how long your beauty products are safe to you. So, whether you purchased a product a looong time ago or are just wondering how much life your fave formula has left, this little cheat sheet on expiration dates and product replicas is here to help. Ahead, find the insider deets that’ll help you understand your makeup products better.

How Do I Know if my Huda Beauty Product is Authentic?

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Fake makeup products are everywhere, and while some are very convincing replicas in terms of packaging, other times, you’ll find products that have the same branding but aren’t even part of the brand’s product portfolio. If you’re wondering if your product is a real Huda Beauty product, you’ll know that it’s legit if it’s from one of our official retailers. By shopping our products directly from our original website or from our authorized retailers listed below, you’ll know you’ve got the real deal.

Huda Beauty retailers: Sephora (including Sephora inside JC Penney + Kohl’s), Cult Beauty, Harrods, H-Beauty, Selfridges, The Beauty Editor, Douglas, Nykaa, Feel Unique, Net-a-Porter, Boots, ASOS, Naimies, ICI Paris XL, Adore Beauty, The Shilla Duty-Free, DFA Macao, Wisam Beauty, ARC store, Lazada Official Stores and Yan & One. Check out this page for more info on our authorized retailers and other info.

How to Spot Fake Huda Beauty Makeup Products

If you’re unsure of whether or not your makeup product is real, head to to find the product; if you find it, compare the product’s font, colors, and text. Even the tiniest spelling error or irregularity in packaging color means you’re dealing with a fraudulent formula. Don’t forget to double-check if the products’ shade names match, which is another key indicator.

And be aware that even if you have an original product bought from an official retailer and the bar codes match up with a product bought from a third-party site, this doesn’t mean the third-party product is legit. Bar codes can be very easily replicated and, therefore, shouldn’t be relied on for authenticity.

The authenticity, safety, and performance of any “Huda Beauty” products shopped from other third-party sites cannot be guaranteed.

I Think My Huda Beauty Product is Fake/ I Haven’t Purchased from an Authorized Retailer – What Do I Do? 

If you still have questions, drop us a message at, and we’ll do our best to help. Some convincing fake dupes exist, so always shop from our authorized retailers.

Do Huda Beauty Products Expire? 

All makeup (including ours) doesn’t last forever. Ultimately, when you’re putting products on your face and eyes, it’s important to ensure your product is safe because the truth is, as you use your products, they become exposed to dust and bacteria. 


Flip your Huda Beauty products, and you’ll find a little jar symbol printed on the back of the packaging. This is a PAO (Period After Opening) symbol that explains how long makeup products can be used once you’ve opened them. For example, the 24M jar symbol behind our Empowered Eyeshadow Palette, $69, signifies that this gorgeous palette can be used for up to 24 months after opening. After that, you can’t expect to get the same performance from your products, so look out for any of these signs that your product is past its prime.

Whenever you buy a new makeup product, write the opening date and month on a sticker and place it on the back of your product. This will help you keep track and remind you when it’s time to order a new product.

There are also some signs you can look out for to help you understand if your makeup products are past their prime. For example, after the PAO, you may notice that complexion formulas may emit a strong, odd scent, and liquid lipsticks may change and turn dry or chalky. If you’re unsure if your makeup is safe to use, we’ve covered the different signs to look out for here!

Stockpiling Products

We know it’s tempting to stock up when there’s a good sale, but bear in mind that holding onto products for a long time can compromise the longevity of your beauty formulas. Especially as everything from incorrect storage temperatures or positioning (AKA in sunlight) can affect how well the products last. We recommend only buying new products when your current formula is running low.

What if a Website Says my Huda Beauty Products Have Expired – Do I Trust This? 

It’s easy to Google and check whether your Huda Beauty products have expired, but this will only take you to third-party apps and websites. None of these are affiliated with Huda Beauty (or other brands/retailers mentioned on their sites), so the information they provide is typically inaccurate. These third-party sites often ask you to enter a batch code, and then you’ll receive a production and expiry date, however, these dates are verified. We recommend relying solely on the PAO symbols on your Huda Beauty products to guide you. Be safe out there, cuties!

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