My Fave Lashes Ever: Our New Hoodie Lash


huda beauty hoodie lash

Hey my loves! I’m SO happy to finally show you guys our newest lashes, the Huda Beauty Hoodie Lash – my fave lash of all time! It’s crazy to think I’ve been hand-designing lashes since I started as a makeup artist over 10 years ago, and I’m finally making my very own pair!! I used to create different lashes for my clients, and they were so popular we decided to create Huda Beauty and launch them.

huda beauty hoodie lash

Finally, after launching 21 pairs of lashes I’m getting my own pair, and I’m so proud of them! We’ve always named our lashes after amazing women, so as a brand creator and product developer it’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster to finally release a lash named after myself… I know Huda Beauty is always there, but Hoodie is really me, my intimate me. My nickname has always been Hoodie (or Hoodie Boodie) to my family and friends, so I thought it was the perfect name for my signature pair of lashes that really epitomizes what I love about lashes. Hoodie #23 (my fave number) is people getting the completely unedited, pure me in a lash.

huda beauty hoodie lash

Eyes are so sexy, and lashes are the perfect way to open up the eye and give that beautiful doll-shaped eye that I’m so obsessed with right now, so I really wanted this pair to accentuate the eye and be super dramatic. Wearing these just makes me feel so confident and empowered, and I love how these transform my naturally rounded eyes.

The Hoodie #23 Lashes

huda beauty hoodie lash

This is the first pair of lashes in our ‘Lengthie’ range of lashes – they’re so long we had to create a new lash category for then – and what I love about these is that they have both insane length and unreal volume, but they’re also wispy and SO fluffy. The intricate layers work together beautifully to create volume and drama while the fanned-out effect helps to create a sexy cat eye that’s super flattering on all eye shapes.

These are also our first lashes on a completely transparent, slimmer band, which makes them more flexible and really comfortable to wear. Each lash hair is also thinner and wispier, so you get a very fluffy lash that almost mimics having fresh lash extensions, and I love the effect!

Available to shop on on September 25, $19 USD. (£17/ €17.95/ 28 AUD/ 75 AED/ 1,640 INR/ 6.02 KWD)

I am SOOOO excited for everyone to try this lash! Let me know what you think in the comments below.