I Tried KKW Beauty's New Ultralight Beams Highlighters And Glosses, Here’s My Verdict


KKW Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses

Earlier this week I got an unexpected package from KKW Beauty, and I couldn’t believe it when I opened it to find completely new products that no one, I repeat no one, had laid eyes on yet! Even Kim hadn’t teased the products on social, so I was confused, but also hyped because her new collection, Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses, SLAYS.

KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams Glosses

What it is: A collection of five super shimmery, glitter lip glosses, and five loose pigments, each in bronze, gold, and silver shades.

What it does: The glosses are super thick and add high-impact shine to your pout, while the loose pigments can be used anywhere on the face or body.

KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses swatches

What we liked: I’ll start by saying I’m not a gloss person, but as far as glosses go, these felt really nice on the lips. I like that the texture is thick, so I feel like the formula will last for a long time, but they’re also very sheer, so I think they would look best on top of a liquid lipstick to give them more dimension. I love, LOVE, love the loose pigments! The colors are soo pretty, and they look amazing. The formula is a little dry, so they would likely move if used alone, but with a little fixing spray to hold them in place, they look stunning packed on the eyelid. I think the white shade (Iridescent) is bomb, and I love mixing the colors to create your own shades – I mixed the gold and copper tones, and the combination was divine.

What we didn’t like: The glosses are very glittery, so I worry that they could look a bit kiddish if used by themselves, but they layer gorgeously on top of colors.

As soon as we posted about these, we got a lot of comments saying they looked like Stila; I honestly don’t think they do at all, the packaging is really beautiful with the classic pale pink shade that KKW Beauty is known for, and the glosses have a sleek, soft-touch lid.

My tip: For the pigments, take a small, flat concealer brush, and spray a little fixing spray onto it and pat it across your eyelid. Using the same brush, pick up the pigments and press them onto your eyelid. This will give you the best control and insane coverage!

Price: Not yet released

Available: KKWBeauty.com (December 1st, 2017)

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