If This Doesn't Change Your Life, It Will Change Your Eyeliner


MR7A6886-editedIf you’re anything like me, you’ve been winging your eyeliner every day for the last fifteen years – and now I realize, I really have! We’ve all had those days, where you think “I’m just gonna do a cute little flick, let’s keep it cas’ today,” and then two minutes later, you’re matching them up and evening them out, and before you know it you look like Amy Winehouse. Well, we might have just found the solution to that problem. Last month we hooked up with Cult Beauty to find out their best-selling beauty products, and top of the list was The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Stamp, aka a stamp designed to perfect your eyeliner wing – could this be the answer to our prayers? Of course, we love Cult Beauty because this is what they do best, find a ton of really cool niche products, which fix a ton of our beauty issues.

MR7A6890-editedWhat it is: Taking the guesswork out of eyeliner, the Vamp Stamp is a double-ended tool with the perfect wing shape stamp at each end that easily allows you to print a wing in seconds. Oh, and BTW it’s designed by the cocreator of the Beautyblender, Veronica Lorenz, so it has to be pretty revolutionary! It comes in size kitten (for a tiny little flick), medium, and large – I used the medium, but I’m after the large one too!

What it does: The stamp makes creating a symmetrical cat-eye flick super easy. All you need to do is coat it with a liquid eyeliner, align with the corner of your eye, and stamp away in one quick movement. Wing done, just connect it with your eyeliner, et voila, that just saved you five minutes.

What we liked: This is quite possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever used for creating a cat liner – I’ve never seen anything like it before. The rubber edge makes it really easy to apply, and because it’s not stiff, it curves with your skin. I like to take the bottom of the curved inner corner and align it with my lower lash line; then I go with the curvature of that to make sure that the angle of each wing is the same. Once you’ve applied the stamp, you just need to join it up with your liner, and that’s it – it’s literally the easiest thing ever. Plus, because it’s rubberized, it’s super easy to clean, but make sure you do, so you get the best application.

What we didn’t like: The only thing that could go wrong with this is the symmetry. Although this takes the hassle out of getting the shape and size the same, you need to be careful that you do them at the same angle. But I think after a few times, this is something that would be easy to perfect.

My tip: I noticed among the raving product reviews, that some people struggled with the printing (commenting that the flick could look patchy), and I think this is easily remedied by using the right liner. A liquid liner in a pot is probably the best liner to use, like Rimmel’s Exaggerate Felt Tip Liner, which makes painting the stamp easy, plus you have a few seconds, so the ink doesn’t dry before you stamp. The Vamp Stamp also suggest using their cushion ink liner, the Vink Eyeliner Ink, which means you simply need to dip the stamp into it for a quick, even coating. You can also play around with glitter liners and colored ink liners, have fun with it!

Price: $29

Available: CultBeauty.com