Indie Fragrance Brands That Deserve Your Attention

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Today we’re calling your attention to four incredible indie fragrance brands working overtime to deliver their heavenly juices to your nose. Whether you’re on the hunt for a smokey symphony or a vaycay in a bottle, somewhere on this list is an elixir waiting for you. Oh, and as if things couldn’t get any more dreamy, they’re inspired by the beautiful world around us. So, start adding these to your cart if you love to be the one who finds totally delicious, unique perfumes to boast about when the compliments roll in DW, your signature scent won’t hold it against you!

1. D.S. & DURGA

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Why we love them: Make no mistake, D.S. & DURGA is not just a Brooklyn perfume house; it’s a love-led marriage of perfume notes, careers, and souls. The married founders, David Seth and Kavi Ahuja Moltz, said “I do” to intertwining their lives, jobs, and passions – music and architecture – when they created D.S. & DURGA. Seth handles the music-inspired notes of every perfume, candle, and cream, while Ahuja delicately bottles the scents into architectural packages fit for your vanity. How’s that for a power couple?

Shop the Scent: Bistro Waters, $175, teleports you to a NYC 90s bistro. Freshly led by lime flower water and pear, the aquatic scent settles to a tangy mandarin, followed by spicy nutmeg and basil. 10/10 would recommend for a date night with your boo.

2. Thin Wild Mercury

Why we love them: How do you not fall in love with a perfume that transports you to L.A. without having to spend a dollar? Founded by Cathleen Cardinali and Anthony Polcino, the brand set out to capture the city’s essence into chic, rustic scents that awaken the senses. Currently, the collection offers four juices inspired by L.A. hotspots.

Shop the Scent: If an intoxicating fragrance is on your list, look no further than Whisky, 1969, $165. The all-consuming release of pink pepper, cardamom, raspberry, and bourbon amber is an ode to the iconic rock clubs on the Sunset Strip.

3. MAD et LEN

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Why we love them: MAD et LEN is led by duo Sandra and Alexandre who transformed their memories into state-of-the-art scents. Inspired by the idyllic landscape of the French Alps, they source and work with natural ingredients to infuse the world’s beauty into handcrafted matte black bottles. Pick any of their perfumes, scented candles, or potpourris to find the missing piece to your perfume puzzle.

Shop the Scent: Graphite Eau de Parfum, $195, proves that the world is your canvas. It bottles the smokey sensuality of graphite and the crisp airiness of chalk for a sensual unexpected twist before it wears down to a woody base that brings your bad b*tch energy front and center. This is seriously one-of-a-kind.

4. Floraïku Paris

Why we love them: With fragrance brand Memo Paris already in their portfolio, founders John and Clara Molloy are experienced perfume lovers. However, it wasn’t until a vacay to Japan that they mapped out their second brand, Floraïku Paris. Their colorful bottles are personal thank-you notes (no pun intended) accompanied with haikus – 3-versed poems – dedicated to the beautiful country. Cute!

Shop the Scent: My Shadow On The Wall, $269, smells like serenity. Inhale woody sandalwood and violet leaf absolute notes before citrus saviors like bergamot and Madagascar essence make you feel at home.

Definitely try these three juicy fragrance brands, too – you won’t be disappointed.

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