This Insta-Famous Face Mask Is Actually The Easiest DIY


DIY clay mask

We’ll admit, sometimes our daily beauty routine feels like a very real struggle, and when we decide to skip the spot treatment, the toner, or our eye cream, we often turn to a mask for a quick fix. So, when we heard about a new mask by Sand and Sky with an ingredient that claimed it would make our pores less visible, boost our facial radiance AND was cotton candy pink, we had to check it out!

The ingredient in question? Pink clay! The amazing natural element comes from France and Australia and was originally used by Aboriginal Australians as body art. After putting it on their skin, they realized how amazing it was at drawing out toxins, so they eventually ended up using it on wounds and would even eat it as a natural remedy for intestinal problems! But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting this should be your new go-to snack, but it’s going to work wonders for your skin.

Why pink clay is hyped right now: Pink clay masks are everywhere at the moment, but it’s the rose-toned clay that’s become super popular recently. Clays come in tons of colors, which are all dependent on their mineral composition, and each color has different beneficial qualities for different skin types. Pink clay is a combination of red and white clay, getting its color from the minerals Kaolinite and calcite. It’s rich in silica, which boosts cell renewal, improving the skin’s elasticity and making your skin appear radiant. If that wasn’t reason enough to incorporate this into your skincare regimen, it also contains zeolite, which removes toxins by cleansing and purifying your skin, nixing and softening the appearance of your pores. To top that off, the clay is also high in an organic and purest form of iron, which is an awesome skin brightener that might just help you to get that J-LO glow we’ve been lusting after for years.

Pink clay is the most-gentle clay formulation and generally suits all skin types, although it’s magical properties will work best if you have normal, sensitive, or more mature skin. If you have acne-prone skin or an oily complexion, the pink clay can still work for you, but green clay will be even more effective, as it works overtime to soak up excess oil and sebum. The green color comes from decomposed plant minerals and iron oxides, and as well as extracting oils from your skin, it also boosts blood circulation.

DIY your own clay masks:

Pink clay masks have been popping up all over our Instagram feed so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get your hands on a mask – we love Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask. But if you love DIY face masks as much as we do, then these recipes are the bomb. We’ve been obsessed with the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for forever, and you can make amazing inexpensive DIYs with it. It comes in powder form, so you can combine it with almost anything to tailor-make a clay mask perfect for your skin type – just don’t use metal spoons, they react with the clay and lower its healing properties.

For acne-prone/oily skin: Ingredients like honey, which is soothing, anti-inflammatory, and a natural antibacterial work amazingly for acne; yogurt (helps reduce swelling and redness), tea tree, oats, turmeric, and lemon are also incredible acne-fighting ingredients you can try. Depending on what you have to hand, you can play about with different ingredients. We love combining 1tbsp of clay, 1tbsp of yogurt, and a squeeze of lemon. To prevent the clay from drying out your skin too much, wash off the mask when dry, or after ten minutes. You can also try 1tbsp of clay, 1bsp of oats, a few drops of tea tree oil, and enough water to make the formula into a paste.

For dry/ sensitive/ mature skin: This banana and pink clay mask will leave your skin feeling super hydrated and give you a gorgeous glow. The banana is full of potassium, which is excellent for locking in moisture while gently exfoliating any dead skin on your face. Combine this with the nourishing effects of honey, which will not only soothe but will also work as an anti-bacterial. Mash half a banana into a paste, add a 1tbsp of French pink clay, and 1tbsp of honey. Leave it on until dry or for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

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