10 Amazing Women To Follow For Laughs, Realness, And Good Vibes



Seeing as we spend so much time on social media, ensuring it’s a place full of positivity and empowering content is crucial. In a feed full of airbrushing, our hunger for real, raw, and authentic content is stronger than ever before.

If you need some inspo to liven up your feed, we’ve rounded up 10 amazing women whose content always makes us smile, laugh out loud or feel empowered. These inspirational women also help educate and raise awareness on important issues, from Black history and period poverty to sexual empowerment. Follow these trailblazers and you won’t regret it.

1. Ashley Graham

What you’ll see on her feed: Fashion and beauty inspo, and a whole lotta self-love!

Why we love her: Ashley Graham’s Instagram will forever be one of our favorite social media accounts; literally, no topic is off the table. From breast pumps and post-partum struggles to learning to love your stretch marks, everything Ashley posts is real and authentic; and even though she’s a supermodel, she’s actually super relatable.

2. Elsa Majimbo

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What you’ll see on her feed: Videos that will make you cry with laughter!

Why we love her: Elsa’s hilarious videos are the breath of fresh air we all need! Chess champion for real – and seriously original comedian, Elsa’s videos will make you laugh, and after the year we’ve had, we need it. Share her vids with your friends and spread Elsa’s hilarious sense of humor – your friends will thank you!

3. Jameela Jamil

What you’ll see on her feed: Fierce feminine chat, silliness, a constant reminder you are enough and it’s okay to make mistakes!

Why we love her: Jameela Jamil has never been afraid to voice her opinion, and we love her for it. Having spoken openly about her eating disorder and other mental health issues, she uses her platform to talk about self-worth and remind her followers of their true value.

4. Ericka Hart

What you’ll see on her feed: Stunning selfies, empowering snaps, and important discussion notes

Why we love her: Breast cancer survivor, sex educator, and writer, Ericka Hart uses her platform to discuss social issues ranging from racial justice to sex and gender identity. She’s intelligent, socially aware, unapologetic, and not afraid to use her voice to empower others. Follow her page to learn and broaden your perspective.

5. Lynae Vanee 


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What you’ll see on her feed: Black history re-education and some major Black girl magic

Why we love her: African American Studies MA and poet, Lynae Vanee schools viewers on the racial injustices that Black people face every day and have experienced throughout history. This is a very important follow. Period.

6. Jessica Megan

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What you’ll see on her feed: Sexy lingerie snaps, period power, honest sex chat, and infectious confidence

Why we love her: Still today, the conversation surrounding sex and feminine wellness can be shameful and secretive. Jessica opens up the conversation in a positive and empowering way. She embraces her sexuality and her body, and it’s insanely infectious. Another major bonus? She does honest reviews on feminine wellness products from moon cups to sex toys.

7. Tracee Ellis Ross

What you’ll see on her feed: Curly hair positivity, unforgettable fashion moments featuring up-and-coming Black designers, and important Black-ish clips

Why we love her: Founder of hair care line, Pattern, star of the iconic show Girlfriends, and Black-ish, you’ll notice a serious trend in everything Tracee puts her name on… She’s a major champion for the Black community. Her feed celebrates Black culture in all its glory, and we’re here for it.

8. Nadya Okamoto

What you’ll see on her feed: Period realness, positivity, and honest opinions on current affairs

Why we love her: Nadya Okamoto is the Founder of the PERIOD, “A global, youth-powered non-profit that is fighting to end period poverty and period stigma through service, education, and advocacy.” As you’d expect, her page is full of period-positivity and positive self-affirmations. Can we also take a minute to appreciate this period art?

9. Nabela Noor

What you’ll see on her feed: Positive affirmations, self-love, cute hubby pics, and bomb makeup tutorials

Why we love her: We will forever be in love with Nabela Noor. Her page is full of love and positivity, and she also fights for what she believes in and speaks out on important issues, from islamophobia to body-shaming. The adorable home decor and insane makeup tutorials are an added bonus.

10. Ellesse Char

What you’ll see on her feed: Empowering chat, queer realness, important messages and fire selfies

Why we love her: In her bio, Char describes herself as, “The unapologetic queer black woman of your dreams” and TBH, we couldn’t agree more. Her page is full of fierce content that encourages you to be your true and authentic self and calls out the societal BS we face daily.

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