The Most Instagrammable Highlighter I've Ever Seen!

product review


It’s very seldom that I find a product which is literally too stunning to even touch! The brand new Lancôme La Rose à Poudrer is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and it is definitely any beauty connoisseur’s dream. It is just one of those collector’s pieces you need to have if you love beauty (and taking pretty pictures for your Instagram!).

What it is: At first sight, this jewel-box displays a magnificent flower coated in pearlizers that illuminate the skin leaving you with shimmering cheekbones.

What it does: It is a rose-shaped highlighter and a strobing tool.


What we liked: Everything! The idea of what Lancôme did was unbelievable! I love the fact that it’s a rose and that I can touch the petals without them breaking into pieces (which was my initial worry, but they’re actually quite firm!). The product itself is very silky and applies very smoothly and evenly with barely any fallout, leaving the skin with a soft, gorgeous highlight.

What we didn’t like: I don’t think the color of the highlighter would work for darker skin tones as it did have a slight white/silvery undertone to it. Although I loved the packaging, it did remind me a lot of Ladurée. I still think it’s really cute, just wish that packaging was more unique.

Price: $60