Introducing My Panel Of Beauty Experts: We're Answering YOUR Questions



I’m incredibly lucky to know some ahhhhmazing world-renowned doctors who are specialists in their field. From wonderful skincare doctors, a plastic surgeon with more than 20 years in the industry, and a world-class dentist, I wanted you to have access to the same professional expertise as me. So, here to answer any questions you have, are four specialists that I trust above anyone else to share the best beauty advice.

Whether you want to ask questions about cystic acne, hair loss, teeth hygiene, or find out whether fillers, tummy tucks, or veneers will work for you, or even know which liposuction methods are the best option, then meet the experts ready to give you A-list advice:

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Dr. Doris Day

Laser, Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatologist

Queen of skin, Doris is a board-certified dermatologist based in NYC, and knows more about acne, aging, and skincare than anyone I’ve ever met! She’s won a ton of awards for her work and has been named one of the world’s best skincare experts – she’s a regular advisor on Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, and has two skincare books! She’s also a specialist in laser skincare, Botox, and fillers, and believes in aging gracefully. Doris is all about finding the right skincare regimen for you; she even has her own line, Esteem Skin Care by Dr.Doris Day. If tackling acne, softening the appearance of large pores, or general skincare is your concern, Doris is the expert for you.



Dr. Marc Mani

Plastic Surgeon

Leading the way in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Marc Mani is a legend in the world of plastic surgery, and his Beverly Hills center has seen a ton of famous faces – although we can’t tell you who! His advances and innovative ideas have landed him on Forbes’ list of leading plastic surgeons in the US, and in countless magazine features. What I really love about Dr. Mani’s work is that he’s all about subtlety: not changing who you are and how you look, but simply giving you the means to alter parts of yourself that you feel uncomfortable with.

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Dr. Michael Apa

Dentist Specialist

Renowned as one of the finest dentists worldwide (and now dentist to my entire family), Dr. Apa knows what he’s doing when it comes to creating a perfect smile. An award-winning authority on cosmetic dentistry, and dentist to celebrities across the globe, Dr. Apa was the only dentist I trusted to give me veneers and transform my teeth. Dr. Apa treats the Dubai Royal Family and also works with New York’s top modeling agencies, and has featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America. He even has his own collection of luxury oral health care, aptly named, Apa Beauty. Questions on oral health, how veneers work, he’s your guy!

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Dr. Lamees Hamdan

Medical Doctor and Organic Skincare Expert

A total beauty boss, Lamees is a dermatologist that believes in the power of nature and combining it with science to get the best possible results for your skin. L’Officiel’s Women of the Year in 2009, she’s the creator of the incredible organic, luxury skincare brand Shiffa, and the scientific ingredient genius behind Jen Atkin’s incredible new Oaui Hair Supplements – which BTW are completely transforming my hair! Dr Lamees is a firm believer in starting from the inside-out, and knows everything there is to know about dietary supplements and herbs that can help to balance your body and improve your hair, skin, and wellbeing.

Got a question you want answering? Leave a comment below with your question and the doctor you would like advice from. Over the next weeks, we’ll choose the top questions to be answered by your selected expert, and we’ll continue to post their answers and opinions here in an ongoing series of expert advice.