Introducing Our Next Generation Lash Collection

huda beauty

I cannot believe that it’s been six years since we launched our first ever lash collection. I can still remember how excited I was that my first ever creation – something I had honestly spent years of my life doing – would finally be ready for other people to wear and love as well. I am just as excited today to introduce you guys to our newest lash collection; a series of collaborations to honor a new generation of inspirational women.

As always, our lashes are named after the beautiful, strong, and inspiring women around me – our Giselle lashes are named after my daughter Nour Giselle – and each new lash is created in collaboration with some of the world’s most fearless women; women I truly respect and admire.

huda beauty lashes

Just like our first ever collection of lashes, each one is custom made and carefully designed – I spent months sketching and resketching the designs, and we went through endless samples and testing to make sure each lash was as special as the woman it represented. Making lashes is a huge passion of mine, and being able to create them for such boss women (and all of you), is a dream I could never have imagined.

True story, ever since I was 10, I wanted lashes! I grew up in a family blessed with gorgeous, long, curly and full lashes, and I was the only one who had none. I always thought thicker lashes made my eyes look bigger and more beautiful, so at age 14, I became OBSESSED with mascara. I spent so much time experimenting to try and add length and volume, that people actually started complimenting my lashes – I would spend 20 minutes doing my mascara before school!


When I started university, the J-Lo craze inspired me to buy my first ever pair of lashes; they were MAC #5, and honestly, they really did not suit me at all. By the time I was 19, I became a pro at finding, mixing, cutting, and styling false lashes, and I made it my mission to get all my friends wearing lashes too. When I became a makeup artist, I was constantly cutting and trimming lashes to suit my clients, and they would beg me to make more for them – and that, I guess, is where my lash journey began!

Huda Beauty lashes

It is so crazy to think how much Huda Beauty has developed since we first launched our lashes in Sephora in February 2013 – I honestly would have never guessed I would get to create lashes for some of the most amazing women in the world. I cannot wait to tell you guys who we’ve been collaborating with, and for you to try out these beautiful new designs. Let me know who you’d love for us to collaborate with, and who you think our first muse is, in the comments below. Here’s a sneak preview…

huda beauty lash collaboration

Stay tuned!