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Almost 96 million views… #InvisibleLocs are clearly ’bout to achieve worldwide domination. If you haven’t heard about the TikTok-loved lewk yet, it’s a protective style that combines two braiding techniques (more on that later!) to create two-strand twists that look stun-stun-STUNNING. Ahead, find everything you need to know about invisible locs.

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Simply put, invisible locs = faux locs + twists. Combining two timeless braiding techniques, it’s a temporary protective style that keeps your natural hair thriving and vibing.

In case you’re wondering where the style gets its name from, it’s all in the braiding technique – first, your natural roots are flat-twisted, and faux locs are added (although there are a few techniques you can use). This makes it tricky to figure out where your faux locs begin – especially if they’re the same color as your roots – making them seem invisible.

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Flat twists and faux locs – especially goddess and butterfly locs – were HUGE last year. Naturally, TikTok decided to keep the momentum going but added a fresh twist (see what we did there) to the trend. Enter: invisible locs. Unlike traditional locs, which can take a year to cultivate and develop, invisible locs are much easier to achieve, style, and maintain (they can be installed in around six hours).

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Invisible locs, as well as being easier to install, are also easier to remove than other styles (especially with a friend around). Plus, they don’t strain your roots as much as other braiding techniques. The look will last somewhere between four to six weeks (depending on your hair type and your maintenance routine).

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Invisible locs also look gorgeous in various colors, lengths, and braid sizes. Wanna go bob-short and blue? Perhaps, hip-long and pink? It’s all on you, boo!

Loving the look but are hungry for more? DW, we’ve put together an inspo-board to help…

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Check out the first part of @luvlisii’s tutorial here if you’re as obsessed with the final two-toned bob as we are.

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@neethagoat demonstrates how invisible locs keep her natural hair pretty AND protected – love!

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If copper’s your thaaang, you’ll never regret trying this style.

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One word: stunning!

Sorry, but we had to – she’s just too cute!!!

P.S. If you can’t wait to try the look, keep your eyes peeled for our celeb hairstylist’s top tips on getting the look. In the meantime, ensure you aren’t sabotaging your hair growth with these protective style habits.

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