Is Instagram’s Hottest New Highlighting Jelly As Bomb As It Looks?


Farsali Jelly Beam

Will there ever be an end to our love for highlighters? The answer is obvious because as long as the glow keeps coming, we’re gonna keep on glowing! When I first saw this new highlighter jelly on Trendmood I was so excited, it looked so shimmery, and I loved that it was a jelly formula. Farsali has done an incredible job with their skincare – you know, the pink unicorn essence that practically every blogger uses to prime their skin – so I couldn’t wait to see how their first foray into makeup would go. And as a blogger turned businesswoman who always slays her highlight, I had high hopes that Farah Dhukai’s Jelly Beam highlighter would be as dreamy as the swatches looked.

What it is: A wet-satin, shimmer highlighter in a unique jelly consistency that sets to a powder. The formula can be used for the face or body, or it can be combined with your foundation to add an extra glow to your complexion. The oil-free, talc-free formula is enriched with skin loving ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and protected from free radicals. This is the first Jelly Beam shade, which means more are coming!

What it does: Jelly Beam is packed with pigments so once the formula dries to a powder, the non-slip formula keeps its wet look, which can be built to take you from glowing to beaming.

What we liked: The packaging is SO beautiful! It has a stunning gold lid with a really sleek glass jar, and I can’t wait to see how this brand continues with their packaging. I was super excited to play with the formula, (I literally just stuck my finger in), but it applies really generously, so be careful because a little goes a long way. The texture is so cool  a bit like a cream  and it gives such a pretty finish; it’s super shimmery and pearlescent with a hint of glitter. It does dry down to a powdery finish, which was long-wearing, really durable, and transfer-proof, but if you have sensitive skin, make sure you hydrate well beforehand. I loved how intense it was on my body (I smothered my shoulders in it and applied it down the center of my shins), but when I used it on top of my foundation and powder, by the time I blended it out it didn’t make as much impact. If you like a subtle highlighter then you’ll love it, but I added a little powder on top of it, and it made such a good base to make the highlighter pop. I also love that this looks amazing on all skin tones, from the very fair, to rich and in between.

What we didn’t like: Unfortunately, when I opened it, it didn’t have the same jelly-like consistency that I had seen online. I think because it had come all the way to Dubai from the US it had been thrown around a bit and it had almost curdled. I thought it might reset, but it still looked all curdled after a day or two. On the plus side, it didn’t affect the formula at all, it was still smooth and applied nicely.

The verdict: I think it’s a really innovative new product. I love it for the body and think it makes a great base for powder highlights.

Price: $40