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Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo review

Karl Lagerfeld is iconic in the fashion industry! So, imagine how excited the beauty world was when they discovered he would be sprinkling his magic on a makeup collection with ModelCo. His fashion is always contemporary and cutting-edge, and I was super excited to see how this would be transformed into makeup. The collection is huge and includes everything from lip balms, lip glosses and brushes to eyeshadows, highlighters, mascara, and eyeliner. We were sent a bunch of products, so here’s my review and top picks.

What it is: The collection is designed to channel the theme of ‘Illuminated Beauty’ and features over 50 products that combine Karl’s cool modern style and ModelCo’s innovative packaging.

My Fav pieces:

The Long-Lasting Liquid Liner + Stamp, $30: Without a doubt, this is my fav piece from the collection. The nib is very fine and makes drawing a flawless wing incredibly easy, plus it dries down quickly, and it’s super long-lasting. The liner also comes in two versions: one with a stamp of Karl, and the other his cat, Choupette. Although I wouldn’t use the stamp, it’s a really cute touch that makes it unique; I actually stamped the back of my hand, and it took me forever to get it off!

The Luxe Highlighter & Glow in Opal, $49: It’s a very shimmery golden shade, and it applies really nicely with a brush and gives a gorgeous glow that will suit all skin tones – it also comes in Bronze and Nude Pink. I’m not in totally in love with the casing, but it does have a mirror, so it’s handy for travel, and the actual highlighter is really pretty and blends beautifully.

Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo review


What we liked: I think the packaging is adorable and I love the idea of using his silhouette for the casing of some of the products. The brushes look super cute and actually pick up and blend powders really well. The only problem is they’re a little chunky and heavy, so the face brushes might not be the best for your summer travels!

What we didn’t like: The Lip Lights Gloss and Liquid Matte Lipstick, both $35, look super cute, and I love that they have a little mirror on the side, which is convenient for touch-ups on the go. The pigment and shade range is also really nice and feels super comfortable on the lips. However, I wasn’t a fan of the scent or the lights in the lid, as I actually felt like the bright light meant I couldn’t see how the product was applying properly. We also tried the Intense Black Volumising Mascara, $28, and although I LOVE the Karl Lagerfeld motif on the silver packaging, the brush was waaay too chunky, which meant it was difficult to apply without smudging. The size of the brush meant it didn’t really grab the hairs and add the drama I expected. The final effect was very soft, fluttery lashes, so if you’re looking for a more natural look, you might like this.

The verdict: I think this is a very cute collectors kit, and I would definitely buy the brushes for my collection, but I just find the prices a little too high for the quality of the product.

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