Is The KVD Good Apple Foundation Worth The TikTok Hype?

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Tiktok is a place where products with a certain wow factor will automatically go viral – it’s just the nature of the app. People love to see dramatic results, and that’s exactly what you get with the new KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm, $38. The buttery-balm formula glides on to give insane coverage in the swipe of a brush and covers the entire face with an even glow in seconds.

Naturally, we had to put this viral product to the test! We’ve seen all kinds of talk about the product (it has many Reddit threads), but today we’re giving you our honest experience with it, plus some tips and hacks for making this work for you.

What it is: A buildable, full-coverage foundation balm with a hydrating, lightweight formula that claims to be a long-wear formula with a fresh matte finish. We also love that it comes in fully recyclable packaging – no metal, mirror, or magnets.


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What it does: We’re not sure what came first, the ingredient or the name, but the formula is infused with skin-nourishing apple extract and hydrating sodium hyaluronate. It’s designed to be non-comedogenic (we experienced no pimple flare-ups), and is described as a non-cakey formula with no flashback – we agree!

The hype: Beauty influencers and TikTokers went wild for this foundation balm. But, we’ll be real with you guys: the majority are using A LOT of product! If you were to use the same amount, you’d get through your foundation very quickly. We’ve been trying to go lightly, but it’s been 3 weeks, and we’ve hit pan already.

KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm

Don’t get us wrong, there’s still plenty left, but as this formula is so buttery, it really is easy to go overboard. Using more product may give initial amazing results, but in the long run, you’re more likely to look cakey and hit pan faster than your purse will appreciate.

Initial thoughts: When we first put this on our face, we had the same TikTok-shocked-face reaction that everyone else had – literally, the coverage is insane! Although TBH, we also made the same mistake that every other TikToker made when trying this formula first, and that was loading up our brush with too much product. And, even though we tried not to overload the brush, it’s very easy to do this because the formula literally melts into it. With our brush loaded and ready to go, we were able to do our entire face with it in about 20 seconds. There was a real feeling of shock and awe at how fast the buttery texture blended out, but also how damn gorgeous it looked.

The coverage: It immediately covered redness, dark circles, blemishes, and any post-pimple marks, although we still used a little concealer to brighten in places. It’s also worth noting that this formula works best with the less-is-more approach, in which case, coverage is more medium-full.

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How to use: You don’t need lots of product for this formula to look great; in fact, less looks better. Over the weeks we used it, we tried to use less and less. Each time we dabbed a loaded brush onto cheeks, forehead and chin, and blended out. The key to this is to apply small amounts slowly, and like any other formula, use concealer where you want to add extra coverage rather than caking on more foundation.

Top Tip: Pick up and apply with a brush – we used our holy grail foundation brush, the Huda Beauty Build & Buff Foundation Brush, as we love how quickly and easily it disperses liquid products. If you prefer less coverage, opt for a fluffier brush option. We then finished – as we do with all our foundations – by bouncing a damp makeup sponge all over. This final step is key to getting an airbrushed finish, while it also picks up any excess product that, if left on the skin, may migrate into fine lines or begin to look patchy.

Wear test without setting: We tried this for a lowkey day out, using all cream formulas. We used our Huda Beauty Tantour to contour and the Freck Cheekslime Lip + Cheek Tint to add a pretty rouge to our cheeks. We blended it all with a brush, then used a damp makeup sponge to airbrush. It stayed in place really well throughout the day; we did notice some shine peek through, so if you’re on the oilier side, we highly recommend powdering your T-zone. It settled slightly around our nose and into our smile lines, but that’s not unusual. It didn’t stay completely flawless when worn with a mask, but we definitely weren’t mad at how it wore. Again, if you use too much product, you’ll likely see the cakeyness that other reviews have mentioned.

Wear test with setting powder: When set with powder using a light, fluffy brush, the finish was flawless, matte, and it stayed in place a lot better under a protective mask. If you tend to get oily, will be wearing a mask or need this to last more than five hours, then we recommend applying a light dusting of setting powder.

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How it looks: We loved how this looked; it was very natural, and although it’s a matte formula, it wasn’t too matte. How did it make our pores look? Our pores still looked like pores – it didn’t particularly minimize them, nor did it exaggerate them.

Beware, if you have very dry skin, this will emphasize any dry patches, so either gently exfoliate before to remove any flakes of dry skin and hydrate very well, or you may want to give this formula a miss.

Finally, if you have skin texture or dryness, this might not be your go-to formula. Honestly, our WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub obsession has given us the smoothest skin of our lives but having tried this on skin with more texture, the results aren’t quite the same.

The shades: There are 40 shades in total that range from fair to rich. Judge by swatches rather than pan color, as the color in the pan looks deeper.


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Final verdict: We really enjoy using the KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm – it’s quick and easy to use and instantly creates a smooth and beautiful canvas. We love it for everyday wear. If you’re looking for full coverage that will last a long time or for special events, then you may want to look for a more long-lasting full-coverage formula. Similarly, if you prefer more of a dewy finish, then either mix in some liquid highlighter or try a formula with a more luminous finish.

We’ll definitely be keeping this in our beauty bag, but what do you guys think? Have you tried this? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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