Is This Eyeliner Stencil The Secret To The Perfect Winged Liner?


Getting the perfect winged liner can be a mission, which is why we’re always open to exploring new options that’ll make the process easier! We’ve tried everything from stamps and stencils to tape, so when we saw the new QuikKat Liner Strips, we had to try them out! Here’s everything you need to know:

What it is: The QuickKat Eyeliner Strips, $17, comes with 64 stencils (half for your left eye and half for your right eye) and the Quik Kat eyeliner pen. The flexible eyeliner stencil is designed to fit the contours of anyone’s face and can be easily adjusted so that you can easily alter it to get the angle that best flatters your eyes.

How it works: Simply peel off the extra layers of the stencil until you’re left with your stencil, then place it at the angle you like, then fill in the wing with the liner provided or your fave eyeliner pen.

What we liked: Applying the stencil was really quick and easy, and filling in the wing literally only took us 10 seconds, you just have to be really careful that the ink doesn’t go underneath the stencil. The QuikKat liner that comes with the stencils is really black, but we did find that the ink feathered a little, so you might prefer using your fave pen eyeliner instead. Also once you’ve done the wing, you still have to complete the rest of the liner, so it took us as long to do our liner with the stencil as it would normally without the sticker.

What we didn’t like: You need to stick the stencil down properly so that the ink doesn’t run underneath, but this does mean it pulls the lid a little when you peel it off, and might also remove the top layer of your makeup. So, we don’t recommend applying glitters or shimmers before you do your liner, as you might take it off by mistake.

The verdict: If you’re already nailing your liner, then we don’t think this will make doing your liner any quicker or easier. However, if you always struggle with liner, these are definitely the best liner stencils we’ve used, although we still think the Quick Flick Eyeliner stamp is a much quicker and easier way to get the perfect wing if you’re new to liner.