Is This Golden Body Oil as Good as Celebs Say it is?

product review

golden goddess - 1

We were first introduced to Cocoa Brown when we tried their Tough Stuff Body Scrub. If you like your scrubs strong, we’re pretty sure you’d love it as much as we did (and the light Tahitian Gardenia scent didn’t hurt either). Founder Marissa Carter knows her tans so well, even the Kardashians’ makeup artist picked up tips on 3D tanning from her. So, we were excited to check out their Golden Goddess dry oil (a favorite of Khloe Kardashian), which looks like gold sand in a bottle of oil. Here’s what we thought:

What it is: A dry body oil with gold flecks, especially good to highlight a tan.

What it does: Gives you a golden sheen, while the coconut oil helps hydrate skin. It also gives a very subtle hint of color.
golden goddess - 2
golden goddess - 3
(Above: After applying oil on the left)

What we liked: We love the instant golden bronze (read: not orange) shimmer this gave to our shoulder, décolletage, and legs (we’ve already worn it to the beach and for nights out). It’s a dry oil, so it won’t leave you feeling greasy after rubbing it in thoroughly. Make sure you shake the bottle thoroughly before applying as the oil and gold separate when sitting unused. The healthy looking-tint and subtle shimmer has made it a must whenever we have exposed legs. Plus, the oil has a tropical floral and coconut scent that we’re not mad at.

What we didn’t like: Prepare to have glowing palms immediately after applying (and not in a good way). Don’t be surprised to find traces of golden specks left behind even after washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It wont stain too much after setting but expect a good amount of rogue gold particles left behind.

Price: $20