The Cutest (Unexpected) Makeup Collab!


Used the super cute @hellokitty X @colourpopcosmetics collection to create this look.

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When it comes to collaborations, NOTHING gets to the core of childhood-sweetness like Hello Kitty + Makeup! So when I saw the Hello Kitty X ColourPop Cosmetics Collection, it’s safe to say I freaked out! My initial reaction when I saw this was…… OMG, this is GENIUS!! Okay true story, I couldn’t actually afford Hello Kitty when I was little, so this collection is even more special since it is accessible! Oh and ICYMI (as of 2 years ago), Hello Kitty is no longer a cat! Yeah, you heard me, she’s actually a British school girl now!

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This collection has a TON of beautiful pieces, from lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, lippie pencils (some are metallic), eyeshadow pots, highlighters, and blushers!

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What I love about it:
The Lippie Stix have some shimmery colors and some texture that are honestly beautiful. The applicator is easy to use and glides on really well too. There was no fall out on the eye shadows and I think that it is best to apply them using your finger. It has a pretty, creamy texture which seems sensitive to air so just do not leave it open because it will dry out. The highlighter has an interesting velvety-smooth and spongy texture. Also, spongey-ish but it’s not a cushion (if that makes sense). The liquid lipsticks are very thin and nice, a bit drying but forgivable since the pigment is so intense and opaque.

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What is Missing:
I really do love the collection, but I wish it had a liner and mascara, then you would be complete with this entire collection! I did also kind of miss the idea of some browns for eyeshadow or even a bronzer that could double up for face and eyes. I just needed a little contour and needed to grab some other products to complete the look

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Would I recommend it:
After wearing the products, I noticed after 5 hours the collection was still on pretty perfect before I added some other products into the mix to change things up. My favorite among the collection are the highlighters (which are really nice!), eyeshadows, and Lippie stix! The collection has a classic vibe with a trendy, fun twist. I would definitely recommend the collection to someone with Hello Kitty obsession or those who love classic red & pink tones.


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