The K-Beauty Product That Lil Nas X & Doja Cat Are Obsessed With


If you haven’t gotten on the K-drama train, honey, you are missing out! The storylines, the fashion, the romance, the SUSPENSE! For any K-drama newbies reading this, please add Mine, The World of The Married, Romance is a Bonus Book, and Extracurricular to your weekend binge-sesh playlist NEOW!

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Okay, back to the topic at hand — if you’re a *serious* K-drama stan, you’ll probably notice product placement in a lot of the more recent series. This is usually a food, beverage, fashion, or beauty item that directors swiftly and seamlessly incorporate into a scene. One item that’s made frequent appearances is a mystical tiny pink tube. We first saw it on The King: Eternal Monarch and then, just last week, on Extraordinary Attorney Woo, with the female protagonists and second leads applying it to their lips, cheeks, and under-eyes for instant dewiness and a fresh-faced effect.

Then we saw it again in Doja Cat’s Vegas music video and AGAIN on The Montero Show with Lil Nas X. So obviously, FOMO took over, and we had to find out what all the fuss was about! After a little online digging, we finally found it: KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Moisturizing Multi Balm Stick, $30 — a viral international best-seller by K-beauty stick-care label KAHI cosmetics.

Keeping Up With KAHI

Source: Kahi

Born in 2020, KAHI has gone from beauty newbie to a household name, all thanks to one wonder stick. In an article by Allure, Jake Yi, the brand’s marketing director, shares that ‘searches for the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm went from about 100,000 to 12 million in just a year, and more than 10 million sticks [were] sold as of February 2022.’ How INSANE!?

What’s to Love?

One word: its versatility. This easy-to-carry do-it-all stick can be used anytime and anywhere, as the brand’s website reveals. It’s a compact wrinkle-care and skin-perfecting balm that works as a quick fix for all types of SOS moments: Got parched lips, and your crush is approaching? Forgot to apply lotion to your elbows and hands? Or maybe an abrupt work meeting just came up, and your under-eyes are looking dehydrated AF… One swipe of this product will solve all of that!

Whats in it?

This multipurpose stick smooths, hydrates, and highlights skin with three hero ingredients that work all kinds of magic:

  1. Jeju Fermented Oil creates an immediate glowy effect and delivers emollient properties as well. We recommend applying some to the high planes of your face for a dreamy glass-skin-like finish.
  2. Its salmon complex improves the look of facial lines, from wrinkles, smile and frown lines, crow’s feet, undereye creases, and puffy eyes. In the complex is salmon collagen and salmon PDRN, a dynamic duo that improves elasticity and smoothens wrinkles, while salmon proteoglycan boosts skin hydration and restricts transepidermal water loss.
  3. Filmelex technology closes off the trio. Made of doty (an Indonesian seaweed) and tara (aka Caesalpinia Spinosa), this natural, protective biofilm delivers anti-wrinkle and skin-softening properties and aids in restoring skin radiance, too.

Other ways to incorporate it into your routine

  • To smoothen out and refresh creased makeup and foundation.
  • To tame annoying flyaways.
  • To soften and repair split ends and prevent future damage.

We’ll take a whole stash of these, thanks!

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