Delicious, Romantic & Sexy… Meet Our New KAYALI Fragrance!


KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25

Hey beauties, Mona here (AKA the Perfume Princess)! I am SO excited to share with you guys our newest KAYALI fragrance, and one that is very close to my heart – we have been developing it for almost two years, and it’s definitely my fave fragrance so far! Introducing the second gem of our KAYALI Collection | 02… Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25. It’s such a playful, sensual and romantic scent that has warm, rosy notes, with an electric floral, woody base, and fresh peppery accords that will instantly spice up your mood! I just knew I had to make this fragrance as soon as I first smelled the ingredient that inspired it all: pink pepper.

Fun fact: Pink pepper is an ingredient that when you smell it for the first time, it’s meant to remind you of falling in love. I definitely fell in love with the scent, and I love the unique spiciness of it! Combining it with these other incredible notes like saffron, rose and sandalwood has made it such a  flirty and uplifting fragrance, and I wanted to reflect the boldness of it (and my personality) with this gorgeous pink foil finish on the bottle and packaging, which is just so fun and luxe.

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25: The Scent

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25

An electric, floral, and woody creation, this gourmand juice has a truly unique, lust-worthy scent that will keep you coming back for more. Like a sudden impulse, the warm rosy elixir will empower you or add a special twist to any fragrance combo. The spicy yet sweet scent of Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 combines the vibrancy of pink pepper and saffron (also known as red gold in the fragrance industry as it’s so expensive) with sweet Bulgarian rose and royal lily florals for perfect balance. Deepened with sandalwood and golden amber, and intriguingly heightened with sparkling bergamot, this scent is for those who expect a little more from the unexpected. I love to wear this in the evening as it’s such a sexy and romantic fragrance, and I literally wear it all year round!

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25: The Inspiration

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25

My obsession with pink pepper started back in 2018 during a smelling session with the incredible perfume house, Firmenich. I was absolutely fascinated by the multiple olfactive facets; it was somehow spicy, sharp, and fresh but also aromatic all at the same time, and I immediately fell in love with the complexity of the note. I knew I had to add it to our KAYALI Collection | 02, so after 25 rounds of formula modifications (the number you see in its name), we struck the perfect balance between flirtatious floral, sensual spices and warm woody notes.

The result is an enticing, sparkling, uplifting juice that will keep people thinking of you long after you’ve left the room.

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25: Fragrance Notes

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 fragrance notes

This unique juice will instantly make you feel uplifted, flirty, and confident. Radiant notes of bergamot sparkle among the striking energy of pink pepper spices, saffron, and a bright royal lily note while voluptuous and sensual Bulgarian rose intertwines with bright and crisp rose centifolia to create an iconic floral note. Sweet and seductive vanilla orchid wraps itself around the entire bouquet and brings added warmth to the sensual base of sandalwood, patchouli, sexy musks and golden amber.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Royal Lily, Saffron

Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose, Rose Centifolia, Magnolia, Vanilla Orchid

Bottom notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Sensual Musk, Golden Amber

The Formula: An Eau de Parfum Intense

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 fragrance notes

Like our KAYALI Déjà Vu White Flower | 57, Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 also contains a super strong concentration of oils. This Eau de Parfum Intense fragrance is lovingly crafted with a unique blend of 25% oils that promise a luxuriously rich, long-lasting scent for the ultimate sensorial experience. This means you’ll be able to indulge in the intoxicating scent from first spray till the end of the day.

My Tips:

  • Spritz a couple of times on your hair or pulse points (or both) to leave an addictive trail of fragrance throughout the day.
  • Spray your fragrance into your hairbrush before brushing your hair.
  • Spray the scent on your hair towel before drying your hair, the result is a subtle hint of the fragrance that will follow you around all day.

My Fave Fragrance Combos:

When we made our first KAYALI collection, we created them all to be layered together – this is a very traditional Middle Eastern concept that I wanted to share with the world. I love how you can create a totally unique scent that matches your mood and every layer of you. These are my new fave fragrance combos that I can’t stop wearing Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 with:

  1. Layer KAYALI Vanilla | 28 underneath Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 for warm, gourmand floral scent that will transport you right back to your sweet dreams.
  2. Layer KAYALI Déjà vu White Flower | 57 underneath Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 for the ultimate addictive and alluring white floral scent that flower power aficionados will love.
  3. Layer KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 underneath Musk | 12 for a soft and delicate yet vibrant fragrance that will take you back to your most romantic moments in life.

If you’re anything like me, fragrance can completely transform your mood! It can make you feel sexy, confident, empowered, alive or nostalgic – it is SO powerful. This fragrance is like my secret weapon and I hope you guys love and enjoy using this intense and delicious scent as much as I do.

Our KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 perfume will be available to shop online at and with our other retailers from 27th April. The fragrance is available in three size options: 100ml ($138, £98,  €112, 552 AED), 50ml ($100, £79,  €88, 420 AED) and 10ml ($27, £23,  €27, 117 AED). Sign up to the waitlist now to be the first to know when it’s live!