Revealing Our Third KAYALI Rollerball: Spicy, Dreamy, Delicious!



Hey my loves! It’s Mona, AKA the perfume princess. I’m super excited to reveal our third KAYALI double-ended rollerball combo: the Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 X Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 Eau De Parfum Intense Rollerball. I literally couldn’t be more obsessed!

If you haven’t fallen in love with our irresistible rollerballs just yet, they bring together two delicious 5ml Eau De Parfum Intense scents that can be applied on their own or layered to create another unique, intoxicating scent. It makes experimenting with fragrance layering super easy and affordable. Plus, they make the best gifts. Honestly, I bring them with me wherever I go; literally, I always have at least six scents stashed on me 24/7, whether it’s in the car, in my purse, or in my pocket. A perfume princess has to smell delicious at all times, right?

The Combo: Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 and Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21

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I’ve been layering these scents for the longest time! My team and I were creating the juices simultaneously and it was so hard to decide which fragrance to launch first as I was constantly spritzing both on my skin. I fell in love with the intoxicating scent they created when combined, so I knew I had to create a rollerball with the two scents so everyone could try it! First, I like to layer Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 followed by Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21. The end result is the most delicious blend of spicy, creamy, and floral notes. It’s rich, complex, and utterly irresistible.

Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25

The vibe: Flirty and juicy with a hint of spice… Basically me in a bottle!

Top notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, royal lily, saffron
Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, rose centifolia, magnolia, vanilla orchid
Bottom notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, sensual musk, golden amber

This addictive juice will instantly make you feel spicy, flirty, and confident. Radiant notes of bergamot glisten among the striking energy of pink pepper spices, saffron, and a sparkling royal lily note while seductive Bulgarian rose intertwines with crisp rose centifolia. Sweet and sensual vanilla orchid wraps itself around the entire bouquet and brings added warmth to the intoxicating base of sandalwood, patchouli, sexy musks, and golden amber.

Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21

The vibe: A vacation bottled up and ready to go

Top notes: Honeysuckle, pear blossom, Italian lemon, coconut milk
Middle notes: Jasmine Sambac, gardenia, tuberose, ambrette
Bottom notes: Sandalwood, patchouli heart, vanilla bourbon, musks

As soon as you spritz this fragrance on your skin, you’ll be transported to your dream vacay. It creates the most euphoric, uplifting aura, I’m utterly obsessed! Warm, floral notes of honeysuckle, pear, and sparkling lemon are paired with gourmand notes like coconut milk to create the most invigorating first spritz moment. Together, they glow atop a white floral bouquet of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose, which layer effortlessly with woody notes of patchouli, musk, and vanilla bourbon. It’s the ultimate warm, tropical fragrance that’ll make you feel empowered and sexy all year long.

My Top Tips

KAYALI rollerball

Applying fragrance may seem like a no-brainer, but there are so many ways you can go wrong. Here’s how I apply my rollerball on the go.

  • Apply on your pulse points, and on the side of your elbows or backs of knees. The warmth of the body will gently diffuse the fragrance throughout the day so you leave a trail wherever you go.
  • Layer Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 X Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 Eau De Parfum Intense Rollerball for the most alluring sensual scent, or if you’re feeling creative, mix and match with our other rollerball scents.

Our KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 X Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 Eau De Parfum Intense Rollerball, $27, (£24, €27.00, AED 108), is available online and in stores.

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