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What do we get from farms? The food on our tables, milk in our coffees, and (now!) the ingredients in our skincare. Fresh from the farm, Kelsey Skincare is a new brand planting raspberries on the skincare scene with a science-driven approach. 

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This tale begins on an ol’ English family farm filled with juicy raspberries. Founder Paul Kelsey swapped his farmers’ hat for a lab coat and found that raspberries have untapped beauty benefits *cue gasp*. With the help of experts and cutting-edge scientific research, he curated a delicious raspberry-focused skincare range that we tried (and loved).

Why Raspberries?

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Raspberries contain skin-loving vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids that boost collagen levels and lock in hydration. They’re also potent antioxidants, which means they protect against skin-damaging free radicals that ruin your glow game, thereby keeping your skin looking fresh, full, and firm 24/7. No wonder they use EVERY bit of the fruit – including the leaves – in their formulas. Think of them as Mother Nature’s “superfood candy.” 

The Special Sauce: EZ Rubus ID

*Swings lab coat on.* Have you ever seen a raspberry seed? This tiny (but mighty) seed contains powerful oils capable of sprouting, feeding, and nurturing a whole NEW plant. In other words, it’s a nutrition jackpot. Thankfully, Kelsey asked experts to help him extract the oil, now called EZ Rubus ID. Easy to absorb because of its tiny molecular size, it’s their star ingredient thanks to its ability to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin and make your complexion look (and feel) firmer, smoother, and softer. 

Our Fave Kelsey Products

1. Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate, $98

1-Full-Bloom-Plumping-ConcentrateSource: Kelsey Skincare

What’s in it: Anti-inflammatory mastic tree oil, hydrating squalane, antioxidant-rich chia, and pomegranate seed oils work together to improve your skin’s defense system. It’s also infused with a collagen-boosting duo of lupin seed oil and raspberry seed oil. 

Why we love it: A clear concentrated serum that firms, restores, and feeds skin-nourishing ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin, addressing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. This plumping concentrate is an oil texture that feels super luxe on the skin.

2. Three Moons Brightening Concentrate, $92

2-Three-Moons-Brightening-ConcentrateSource: Kelsey Skincare

What’s in it: AHAs from raspberry fruit pulp, antioxidant-rich raspberry leaves, brightening vitamin C, and barrier-boosting probiotic ferments. 

Why we love it: A hyperpigmentation hard-hitter that softens dark spots and evens skin tone with potent actives that smooth and support your complexion against further damage.

3. Morn To Eve Global Protection Concentrate, $92

3-Morn-To-Eve-Global-Protection-ConcentrateSource: Kelsey Skincare

What’s in it: Fortifying raspberry leaves and microalgae that protect against environmental damage and premature aging, exfoliating raspberry fruit pulp (a source of AHAs), hydrating hyaluronic acid, skin-strengthening freshwater algae extracts for blue light protection, and their patented raspberry seed oil. 

Why we love it: A melt-in-your-skin serum that feels luxuriously creamy and defends against daily external stressors – including blue light from screens – to protect and preserve your skin’s status. We love this silky smooth serum for daytime and nighttime.

4. Luminous Glow Radiant Cleansing Gel, $37

4-Luminous-Glow-Radiant-Cleansing-GelSource: Kelsey Skincare

What’s in it: Antioxidant-rich raspberry leaves that protect against external stressors, bacteria-fighting carrot seed oil, fatty acid-rich blackcurrant seed oil for enhanced protection, and collagen-promoting patented seed oil.

Why we love it: Brightening fruit acids and gentle coconut-based cleansers work into a beautiful foam that lifts all traces of makeup and dirt for a silky-soft and cleansed complexion. We love that a little bit goes a very long way and how effortlessly it melts away all makeup (even waterproof mascara) and transforms into a milky formula that effortlessly rinses off.

5. Midnight Reset Overnight Sleeping Balm, $61

5-Midnight-Reset-Overnight-Sleeping-BalmSource: Kelsey Skincare

What’s in it: Calming lavender flower extract, their patented raspberry seed oil (EZ Rubus ID®), hydrating hyaluronic acid, and fermented probiotics that combine to restore firmness and radiance while boosting cellular turnover. 

Why we love it: This skin-repairing balm helps replenish hydration, smooth skin, and soften fine lines while you sleep. But first, it lulls you to dreamland with a sweet fragrant mix of fresh florals, lavender, and grounding woody notes. 

We’re also obsessed with the super cute packaging of the serums – we legit are still keeping them in their boxes because they look so pretty! Are you guys keen to try this new, natural skincare brand? Let us know in the comments below.

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