The Game-Changing POTION I Use To Soothe Period Pains


KETISH THE POTION soothing oil

Hey my loves! I’m so excited to tell you guys about the second product to join the KETISH lineup, THE POTION Soothing Oil. KETISH is an incredible feminine wellness brand founded by one of our Huda Beauty Angels, Emaan Abbas. I’m SOOO incredibly proud of Emaan and everything she’s doing with KETISH: creating sexy products for women and empowering her community to understand their body’s better. It’s honestly such a game-changing brand. I’m already addicted to their first product, The Quickie Intimate Wipes.

But today it’s all about their newest baby, The POTION Soothing Oil. When Emaan first told me about this product and its amazing effects, I was like… “that sounds a little crazy,” and I didn’t believe it had the ability to actually soothe my period pains. But let me tell you, I have become obsessed, and I have already gone through a couple of bottles. The ingredients are so amazing, and the bottle is soooo sexy.

KETISH THE POTION soothing oil

THE POTION is the ultimate body oil and THE best natural healing ointment I’ve ever tried for PMS symptoms. As someone who suffers from both PCOS and endometriosis, I have cramps constantly – I’ve actually had cramps every day for the past few years and this has been really helpful. I massage it onto my belly and it has this amazing warming sensation, and it almost immediately makes me feel better. I love everything about this oil; the way it feels, the way it smells, the packaging! I cannot wait for you guys to try it.

The Inspiration Behind THE POTION

KETISH THE POTION soothing oil

Just like me, Emaan has PCOS and her periods were constantly fluctuating. She told me, “I would go months without a period, and once I did get it, the period pains were unbearable.” I could totally relate. Emaan, like so many PCOS warriors, was tired of constantly having to turn to painkillers and instead, wanted a natural remedy that would work in harmony with her body and help soothe and calm her PMS symptoms. She decided to create a product that would work alongside her monthly cycle and ease her period pains.

Emaan told me, “This product is a 100% natural alternative for those seeking to take the edge off monthly period woes and discomfort.” She also adds, “multi-beneficial is a key tenet of KETISH products, and THE POTION is no exception. It can be massaged onto areas of tension to naturally soothe discomfort (period aches, tense muscles, headaches) as well as all over the body for a relaxing aromatic experience. It’s all about self-care when you crave it the most.” As I said, I honestly didn’t think this would work but it’s been a total gamechanger and I just love that it’s all-natural and made from plant-based oils.

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The Product

KETISH THE POTION soothing oil

The POTION Soothing Oil is so much more than a body oil; it’s a license to tune into your body through the power of massage using a super-powerful blend of plant-based oils and soothing botanicals.  It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with self-care and love to find new products that effortlessly slot into my routine, and this oil deserves a ritual. I use it daily.

The calming oil includes hemp seed oil, lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus oil, which soothe pain and discomfort. The oil is also fragrance-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and pH neutral so it’s suitable for everyone. Each ingredient is known for its feminine wellness superpowers and is perfect for any stage of your monthly cycle, or simply those self-care moments when your body deserves to be honored.

The Ingredients

KETISH THE POTION soothing oil ingredients

KETISH always uses the most powerful natural ingredients, and THE POTION is no exception.

Hemp Seed Oil: Renowned for its unusually-high content of unique omega fatty acids that help to support natural relief from discomfort, hemp seed oil is often used for its soothing qualities. Hemp seed is also rich in magnesium, which acts to soothe crampy muscles.

Lavender Oil: Lavender is the most famous essential oil for soothing and promoting relaxation when massaged topically. In fact, its scent even has the ability to calm the mind and body when inhaled.

Sage Oil: This essential oil gives a warming sensation when massaged, and is known to help ease crampy muscles. Known for its euphoric effect, it is used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress by creating a sense of well-being.

Bergamot Oil: Bergamot’s scent is so uplifting that it is seen as one of the best essential oils for boosting mood. Its reputed ability to reduce sensitivity makes for ultra-relaxing massages.

Eucalyptus Oil: Often utilized in traditional medicine, Eucalyptus has a calming scent and helps soothe achy muscles.

Arnica Extract: Popular in natural medicine, it contains natural antioxidants and is usually applied to the skin to soothe the feeling of aches and pains as well as alleviate bruising in the skin.

The Packaging

KETISH THE POTION soothing oil

As you’d expect from KETISH, the packaging is luxe AF, and the gorgeous oil is encapsulated in a luxurious glass bottle with KETISH’s signature black and gold detailing – a bottle I proudly display on my nightstand.

If period cramps or just painful periods are something you deal with regularly, then I hope you guys get to try this, as it’s just such a nice way to indulge and soothe your body when you’re feeling rough.

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