Revealing The First-Ever KETISH Product: The Quickie


Ketish the quickie wipe

Hey my loves, so last week I told you guys about a project I’ve been working on that’s very close to my heart, our first ever Huda Beauty Angels brand, KETISH. This feminine wellness brand is bringing some much-needed luxury, and most importantly, female empowerment to feminine and intimate care. Seriously, KETISH is here to help you feel sexy, loved, and worthy, with a whole community ready to lift you up and support you. I’m beyond obsessed with everything about KETISH, from their product lineup to their mission!

So without further ado, let me introduce you guys to the first product of many amazing more to come… KETISH The Quickie Pre-Play Intimate Sheets. These biodegradable soft cotton wipes help you pamper your intimate area whenever you need an extra moment of TLC. I love that this product was inspired by a true story that made KETISH Founder, Emaan Abass, realize a real need for this product. So before I tell you why I’m so obsessed with this product, here’s Emaan’s story.

The Inspiration Behind the Quickie


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When Emaan’s BFF went on a date, a manky old intimate wipe fell out of her bag in front of her date, and she was absolutely mortified. Emaan’s BFF reported back that her date promptly picked up the wipe and basically announced to the bar, “YOU DROPPED YOUR VAGINAL WIPE!!”


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This made Emaan think: why should her friend feel embarrassed about having a product that she wanted to use on her intimate area? Whether she plans to use it post-workout, mid-period, or pre-play date, she shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed in any way. As women, we should be able to use products that make us feel good. You might not need it, but this is about how you feel and what you want to do with your body, and having that option makes me feel hella empowered.


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Emaan told me how it hit her, “It really made me think of the reasons why women do this, and why society has taught us to be ashamed of things like body odor or periods. It made me want to create a wipe that not only made women feel refreshed but something beautiful that women could proudly carry around as their little secret weapon.”


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So, she decided to create The Quickie, a fun and sexy revamp of the drugstore wipes we hide in our purses. Everything from the nourishing ingredients to the sexy packaging is sleek and so chic. Seriously, you won’t want to stash these away, and you won’t feel embarrassed if one falls out of your purse!

The Quickie Pre-Play Intimate Sheets

This product is honestly so sexy, and something I’d never really used before, but that I have actually love using now (literally alllll the time)! The Quickie is an intimate cleansing sheet infused with a blend of moisturizing, soothing and naturally deodorizing ingredients. The soft, cottony material is lightly scented with the KETISH signature fragrance and literally smells like a cherry cream pie, which I love as it just adds to that whole sensorial experience, which is so important to me in my self-care routine. They’re also biodegradable, pH-neutral, and gynecologist-approved, so you can rest assured that these wipes respect the delicate skin of your most precious parts.

It’s also not just for your intimate area, you can use it all over your body to freshen up areas like your armpits or your chest or neck for a quick pick-me-up on the go. Whether you want to keep them in your gym bag for a post-workout refresh or in your purse for… Whenever! They’re also great for when your period strikes.

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The Ingredients

Ketish the quickie wipe

As with all skincare products, finding the right ingredients is hella important, but it’s especially essential when it comes to the delicate skin of your most precious parts. Here’s a quick breakdown of the hero ingredients in The Quickie:

Aloe vera leaf juice: Aloe juice is super gentle, nourishing, and hydrating. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe irritated dry skin.

Oat extract: Rich in vitamins A, B, and E, oat extract will work overtime to soothe and calm your intimate area while providing a surge of skin-loving ingredients.

Coconut Oil Ester: Drenched in coconut oil ester, these wipes possess the optimum lubricity to moisturize and hydrate even the driest skin.

Finally, the wipes also contain a natural filtrate and effective odor neutralizing agent, which is rich in probiotic enzymes that effectively break down the odor-causing bacteria in sweat.

The Name


When it came to naming the product, Emaan wanted it to have as much personality as her: “I wanted to make sure that our product names were memorable and something that easily suggested the use of the product. At the end of the day, we want to make women feel heard and show them we speak their language, which translates into our personality. Although the mission behind the brand is serious, we have a playful and super sassy side to our personality, and our product names definitely reflect this. We’re like the cool big sis that always has your back.” We love it!

The Packaging


KETISH packaging is next-level luxe! When Emaan created KETISH, she wanted to create feminine products that you’d display with pride because there’s no shame in feminine care products. I am obsessed with these individually wrapped sheets enclosed in sexy gold packaging. The individually packaged wipes are stashed in a chic white sleeve with gold metal detailing. Choose between a pack of 2o for $27 or a smaller pack of four for $7.

The Quickie is launching on their site very soon – sign up to the waitlist here to be the first to shop. To learn more about Emaan and her story, check out her personal story and mission for KETISH.