2 Drugstore Mascaras You Need On Your Radar (Under $15)


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Despite the fact that we’ve tried hundreds of mascaras (we’re not exaggerating), we’re always excited to try a new formula in the hopes of finding “the one,” aka the mascara that finds the perfect balance between length, curl, definition, and drama. We heard great things about the KIKO Milano mascaras, so we decided to put the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, $14, and the Standout Volume Mascara, $14, to the test and see how they compared. We have to admit, we were impressed!!

Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, Vs. Standout Volume Mascara

Standout volume mascara Source: KIKO Milano

The Standout Volume Mascara, $14: A thickening mascara that enhances the natural curl of your lashes for a voluminous final look.

Extra sculpt mascara Source: KIKO Milano

The Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, $14: A volumizing mascara that separates and coats each lash for a panoramic, lengthening effect.

Extra_Sculpt_VOlumestand out volume

The formula: The Standout Volume Mascara formula is infused with jojoba oil to nourish and soften your lashes whereas the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara contains shea butter, which is slightly richer than jojoba oil. Although neither mascara clumped, the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara has a wispier finish, whereas the Standout formula gave a much thicker lash look. We love that both formulas are easily buildable so you can choose to go for a more subtle or full glam look depending on your mood.

The wand: Both mascaras have an hourglass-shaped wand, however, the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara wand is larger, and the curve is more exaggerated. Unlike other hourglass-shaped wands, the brush has straight edges, which helps you reach any shorter lashes. The Standout Volume Mascara has a fiber brush with large reservoirs and half-moon fibers that help thicken the lash.

The packaging: Considering both of these mascaras are under $15, we think the packaging is super luxe, and we love how easy to use the Extra Sculpt Volume packaging is, as the angled panels give you plenty of grip.

The result: If you’re looking for a lengthening mascara, then the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara is a great, affordable option. We were seriously impressed with its lengthening abilities, which really separates each individual lash, but if you prefer a more voluminous finish you may want to combine this with a volumizing mascara as well. We also recommend curling your lashes beforehand.

The Standout Volume Mascara definitely adds volume and curl leaving your lashes looking whispy and sexy. It did look a little too thick in places and it didn’t give the same length as the Extra Sculpt. We also tried combining both mascaras (our fave mascara hack), as the Standout Volume Mascara thickens and curls and the Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara adds length and definition, so they complement each other perfectly.

Our final verdict: Both of these mascaras delivered length and volume. If you’re looking to add thickness and curl, the Standout Volume is for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for length, the Extra Sculpt Volume is an amazing option, especially considering the price point.

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