This Simple Mascara Hack Will Give You The Best Lashes!


Mascara is one of those beauty essentials that we could not live without – it’s indisputably the finishing touch to every makeup look. Even when we slay our signature falsies, we apply mascara to blend them together seamlessly. But the secret to long, full, sexy lashes doesn’t lie in one mascara, it lies in two.

Instead of layering on lashings of your fave mascara, use two different mascaras with different wands to create a much more dramatic, longer and fuller final look. Trust us, if you ask any celeb-MUA, they’ll tell you this hack is the real deal. Emilia Clarke, aka the Mother of Dragons, also relies on this hack when going from day-to-night. Here’re our top tips:

The Ultimate Mascara Hack

mascara hack

There are hundreds of different mascara wands out there; you’ve got natural bristles, rubber bristles, wands that are curved, wands with an hourglass shape – you get the picture, there are tons. Each gives a different effect, and every mascara formula also helps to add volume and/or lengthen the lashes. By combining two you can get the best of both worlds. SO while many bristle brushes give amazing volume and length (like Too Faced Better Than Sex), they can sometimes leave your lashes looking a little clumpy, so follow this mascara with a fine-toothed rubber mascara (like the Benefit BadGal Bang! Mascara), to separate and elongate the lashes.

Bag girl bang Source: Benefit

By combining two mascaras, you can easily customize the effect to suit your lashes. For instance, if you have short, fine lashes, and you want to add volume and length, you can layer a thickening mascara like the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara, $9, with a lengthening wand like the Maybelline Lash Sensational, $5.

mascara hack

Source: L’Oreal/ Maybelline

When you’re cocktailing your mascara, the most important thing to consider is the wand, as well as the order you apply the mascaras. Typically, an hourglass-shaped brush will help build volume and add length and a plastic comb will separate the lashes and add drama. A long skinny brush is ideal for short, fine lashes as it’ll pick up each lash for maximum coverage. If you have thick curly lashes, a large brush will work best as it’ll stretch out the lashes.

Once you have both of your mascaras, layering them in the correct order is also super important, so consider how they’ll work together. If you like to have a full, whispy finish, apply the comb-like wand first, otherwise, it’ll separate the lashes and give a more defined, fanned-out effect. However as everyone has different lashes and eye shapes, play around and experiment to find a combo and layering method that works for you.

marc jacobs Source: Marc Jacobs

Another hack is to mix a dramatic mascara with waterproof mascara, which helps your lashes hold the curl, and of course, ensure they last longer.

If you’re looking to achieve a more natural finish, celeb makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who works with celebs like Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra, likes to apply black mascara on the upper lashes and brown mascara on the lower lashes for a softer, more natural finish. Another mascara tip Pati Drubroff shared with Allure, is to use a black mascara layered with a colored mascara to enhance the color of your eyes. For example, to make blue eyes pop, Pati presses a burgundy shade on top of black mascara; it’s super subtle, but it makes a big difference.

Finally, before you start to panic about having to splash out on two mascaras, there are SO many bomb drugstore mascaras like the L’Oreal Lash Paradise, $10, which is Beyonce’s go-to or the $6 mascara Meghan Markle relies on. Plus, as you’re using two, they last longer as well. For more of our fave mascaras, check out our top 10 mascaras here.