The KKW Crème Lipstick Review: My Honest Opinion


KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick ReviewAs soon as I saw this collection being teased on Instagram I was super intrigued – after all, Kim Kardashian is basically the queen of all things nude. It seems like such a natural addition to Kim’s beauty line, as she doesn’t typically stray too far from her fav neutral tones. I loved the whole idea of a nude shade for every skin tone – I think we all know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect shade. So, I was psyched to try this when the collection hit my desk. Here’s my honest review:

The Crème Lipsticks, $18: Eight nude-toned, creamy lipsticks made with lip-quenching oils and extracts.

The Lip Liners: Three nude lip liners, with a soft formula that glides onto lips to contour and add definition.

KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick swatches

What we liked: I really like the texture of these lipsticks, they’re smooth and buttery, a little oily, but they apply beautifully, which makes shaping the lips really easy. I think all the nude shades are really beautiful; I love that you can find a true nude for your skin tone, but there are also other shades that will look gorgeous. I tried the shade Nude 7 and loved how the rich, warm brown shade looked, but I also really like the paler shades like Nude 2 and Nude 3. I didn’t find the formula particularly long-lasting and would probably want to reapply after an hour or two to keep the same cream-finish look.

What we didn’t like: I really liked how easily the lip liners glided on, so they’ll also be ideal for people with dry lips. I was surprised at how deep in tone all three of the lip liners are, as even though they’re designed to contrast with the lipsticks, I found that even the lightest lip liner looks too dark with the palest shades of lipstick. Also, because the lip liners are longer-lasting than the lipstick, I noticed that after about an hour, I was left with a very obvious lip line from where the lipstick had faded but the darker liner remained. I also found that the lipsticks had a strange smell, but this disappeared after a couple of minutes.MR7A5999-editedThe verdict: I’m really impressed with these lipsticks and I think that most people would be able to wear at least a few shades from this collection. I really love the idea of doing a nude for all skin tones, and although I wouldn’t buy the full collection, but I would definitely buy one or two; a classic nude, and a slightly deeper shade.

Shop the lipsticks and lip liners here. Available June 8th.