The NEW Luxe Brand Leveling Up Our Brow Game 



The first step to achieving beautiful brows is determining which brow shape looks best on you, and the next is getting yourself a 10/10 brow toolkit. If you don’t know what to choose, consider putting your faith in KS&CO. We got to try this eco-friendly brow collection created by Kristie Streicher, a brow expert with over 20 years of experience, and it’s safe to say we’re here to influence you too.

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Before we get into the collection, we want to quickly point out how Kristie’s changing the brow game. Although created for styling, every product contains nurturing ingredients that encourage healthier hair growth for brows that feel as good as they look. They even use ingredients that counter UV exposure and blue light (from your screens) that may thin and weaken your brows! Now that’s a brand we’d like to high-five. Without further ado, here’s what we tried: 

To Fill in any Sparse Areas: Microfeathering Brow Pen™, $42

2-Microfeathering-Brow-PenSource: KS&CO

What it is: A super-fine pen with a flexible tip that creates hair-like strokes in seconds. It comes in three gorgeous shades: light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.

What’s in it: Biotin for healthier brow growth, hydrating red algae extracts for UV protection, and red clover extracts to help minimize hair loss. 

Our verdict: The sharp felt tip glided across our skin to instantly fill sparse areas with natural-looking brow hairs that remained distinctly visible after eight-hour wear. We think we’d get more control and perfect precision if the tip were a little less flexible, but that’s our preference. We’d also love to see a few extra shades in the collection!

Our advice: The pigment comes through when you use it on bare brows. However, it isn’t as visible when applied on top of the clear brow gel, so always use the pen first. 

For Fuller, Feathery Brows: Sheer Tinted Brow Gel, $36, and Clear Strong-Hold Brow Gel, $32

1-Sheer-Tinted-&-Clear-Strong-Hold-Brow-GelSource: KS&CO

What they are: Styling gels – two tinted shades and one clear – that grip onto every last brow hair with solid hold and subtle shine. 

What’s in them: Biotin and red clover extracts to stimulate hair growth, hydrating red algae extract for UV protection, lutein (a pigment that absorbs blue light) to prevent brow thinning, ginseng extract to protect against damage, and argan oil for softening. 

Our verdict: Real talk, the brow wand ain’t small, so precision is a little bit harder. But, both formulas instantly lifted our brow strands to the heavens. The wand grips onto every last brow hair, making it a must-have for those who STAN feathered brows. 

Expect a cooling sensation upon first application and a tightening feeling as it dries to a tacky (but never sticky) finish in seconds. After that, it won’t budge – we’re happy to announce that our brows were in place after running up and down to meetings – no residue in sight! The tinted gels are quite sheer, so if you find other tinted brow gels too pigmented, then these are a nice in-between that gives the results of a gel with a little extra color for definition.

For Complete Concentration: Leaf Hair Clips, $22

3-Leaf-Hair-ClipsSource: KS&CO

What they are: Luxe gold metal hair clips designed to pull your strands back (sans creasing) for easier brow grooming. 

Our verdict: It screams multiFUNtional, and we’re not mad. These clips help us focus on our grooming and makeup routines, but if we’re honest, we’ll probs use them as statement accessories for our next ‘fit.

What do you think of KS&CO? Love or LUHHVE?!

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