Lady Gaga's Makeup Line Will Surprise You, Here's Why...



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If there’s one thing everyone knows about Lady Gaga – other than her epic music – it’s that when it comes to beauty, Lady Gaga has no limits. So, it comes as no surprise when she decided to launch her makeup collection, Haus Laboratories, with its poignant slogan, ‘Our house, your rules.’ The theme for the brand is all about letting your creativity flow and making yourself feel beautiful for you. As Gaga says “Your glam, your expression, your artistry.”

The collection comprises of four key products: a liquid eyeliner, liquid eyeshadow, lip liner, and lip gloss, plus some eyeliner stickers. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to be the daring collection you’d expect from the woman who entered the music scene with a (now iconic) lightning bolt on her face, or the Gaga who wore a meat dress to the MTV Music Awards in 2010. However, as unexpectedly unintimidating as these products are (never a bad thing!), they really do give you the creative freedom to decide what your look is; be subtle, be bold, be you – it’s your choice! We tried them all, here’s what we thought…

Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder, $20

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup

What it is: A weightless, smudge-proof liquid eyeshadow in six shades.

What we thought: We really like this eyeshadow! The formula is VERY lightweight, which means it blends out easily so you can create a really simple look and you can easily use your fingers or a brush to diffuse the formula. Once the shadow sets, you can apply another layer to build up the pigments for a high impact look.


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We also used the applicator to apply it as a dramatic shimmer liner, which worked really well and made a great statement, even though it took us about 10 seconds to create!

Tip: The shimmers dry down really quickly and we recommend layering them to build up intensity instead of applying a thick layer, which takes a while to set. If you have hooded lids and use the formula as a liner, keep your lids lowered while the formula sets.

The Shades: Shade Aphrodite is a super pretty champagne pink shade that looks stunning blended across the lid and stays in place all day long. Rose B*tch looks stunning on rich skin tones and we’re living for the green, Dynasty shade, which makes a beautiful smokey eye when paired with the shimmering black shade, Chained Ballerina.

RIP Lip Liner, $16

What it is: A waterproof and smudge-proof semi-matte pencil lip liner in six shades.

What we thought: We love how creamy and smooth the pencil formula is. It glides on to lips easily and is really nicely pigmented while it also blends out easily. The formula isn’t super matte and has a slight sheen, and although the formula is meant to be budge-proof, it does take a while to set and doesn’t fully lock in place.

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup

Despite there only being six shades, we love the range of colors and it’s possible to find a shade that makes a good nude for every skin tone. We would love to see some slightly bolder colors in this formula as the collection grows.

Le Riot Lip Gloss, $18

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup

What it is: A gel lip gloss in pearl and pure pigment finishes (six shades).

What we thought: The first thing we noticed with this gloss is the really unique applicator – it kind of hooks on to your lips and hugs them, which felt strange but worked really well. The colored glosses are really pigmented while the pearl formula (Entranced and Attitude) is quite sparkly, so if you prefer a more subtle lip, we recommend the colored glosses (Corset, Rose, Scream, and Venus). The texture is rich and feels hydrating without being overly sticky, and we found the formula very comfortable to wear. For a high gloss finish, layer it up!

Tip: Add a layer of Enchanted (a sheer gloss with pink pearls) to the center of your lips to add volume.

Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, $20

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup

What it is: A weightless, long-wearing eyeliner with a flexible felt-tip.

What we thought: This is a really nice felt-tipped liner that allows you to get a super precise, really sharp wing. The pigmented formula glides on easily and is super easy to use – we Love the weight and feel of the product, which is much heavier than a normal liner. The formula isn’t smudge-proof or waterproof, but it does last well throughout the day. We feel like this would be a great liner for beginners.

Eye Armor Kit, $35

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories Makeup

What it is: An eyeliner and wing sticker set. The stickers have five pairs of two different wing sizes.

What we thought: We love the idea of these stickers and they’re literally the easiest way to get the perfect wing! On first application, these looked absolutely amazing and blended beautifully with the Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner that comes in the kit. However, as we wore these, they did feel slightly uncomfortable and began to peel off at the edges, and after 20 minutes one came off completely.

Tip: The stickers look great and are so easy to use, but we recommend applying them on to bare skin so that they stick better, as they did not last well when applied to the skin with foundation and powder formulas. Another alternative would be to put a layer of lash glue on each sticker to help them adhere better to your skin.

The verdict:

We have to say, we expected a slightly more daring collection from Lady Gaga, however, we do love that this collection is something everyone can use and play with. The formulas are really nice and will work well for beginners while makeup junkies will have fun creating bold and dramatic looks with this collection too. We’re definitely excited to see shade extensions and what comes next from Haus Laboratories.

Final note, the collection is sold on Amazon and, and we definitely recommend buying from the latter site, as there are often fake products listed on Amazon, so just be careful when ordering your products.