The Unexpected Beauty Moment That Took Over The Red Carpet


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When it comes to beauty trends, we often think of a specific lip color or liner look – basically, the stand-out beauty MOMENTS that demand immediate attention. However, this week, an unexpected beauty trend took over the red carpet: the attention was alllll on the lashes. Yup, you read that correctly. While lashes are usually an accent or addition to a striking eyeshadow or liner lewk, this week, the lashes took center stage. And honestly, as lash lovers, we were soooo into it.

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And it wasn’t just on the red carpet; stand-out lashes were THE mesmerizing beauty trend that everyone was talking about at Milan Fashion Week. At the legendary Prada show, models, including Gigi and Kendall, strut down the runway with long, colorful false lashes. Then, when we saw pop culture QUEENS like Zendaya and Jenna Ortega sporting stand-out lash looks at the SAG awards, we knew it was officially a trend.

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The great thing about false lashes is there are sooo many looks to play with. We’re high-key obsessed with Zendaya’s dramatic lower lash line with small individual lash clusters. It’s giving 60s vibes, and we love it! Get the look with the Huda Beauty Hoodie Flares #25 Classic Lashes, $19.

Jenna Ortega’s look is also STUNNING, and surprisingly simple. The white matte eyeshadow heightens the contrast of her XXL jet-black lashes, so they’re even more eye-catching. You’ll definitely find us recreating this look with layers and layers of the Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes 2-in-1 Mascara, $29.

If you’re more of a strip-lash-kinda person, recreate Li Jun Li’s look with long spidery lashes that are reminiscent of the TikTok trend: manga (manhua) lashes. If you’re looking for some affordable falsies, the FANXITON Manga Lashes, $8, are ideal. Or shop any falsies from KISS lashes, AKA the fave celeb lash brand for red carpet events. 

But honestly, the best thing about this trend is it’s hella fresh, so it gives YOU the opportunity to experiment, play, and get creative with your lash look! Don’t forget to tag @hudabeauty on Instagram or TikTok if you try the trend at home.

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