10 LatinX-Owned Beauty Brands Made With & Steeped In LatinX Heritage



In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to shout out 10 incredible LatinX-owned beauty brands. The LatinX community is one of the richest and most diverse in the world, not to mention the land itself has the most fruitful (literally) offering of ingredients on the planet. But these brands aren’t just delivering award-winning products, they’re providing representation and recognition, as well as giving back to their community, and that deserves to be celebrated. Shop and support these brands, and we promise you won’t regret it.

1. Joaquina Botánica

Giovanna Campagna Garthwaite founded her clean beauty brand inspired by her Columbian heritage and the incredible women in her life who had a passion for skincare. In fact, she named her line after her great-grandmother’s apothecary in Cali, Colombia, in 1875. The ingredients that power her products are also derived from the luscious Botanics found in Latin America. The result? Clean, effective formulas steeped in rich LatinX culture backed by chemists and loved by all, particularly the HB team!

Product pick: The Orquídea + Vitamin C Hydrating Glow Oil, $92, features a luxe blend of orchid, cacay extract, and bakuchiol, as well as antioxidant superfruits like camu camu, maracuja, papaya, and sacha inchi. Together, they work overtime to leave your skin more hydrated and radiant than ever before. 

2. Elaluz

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If you’re not familiar with the brand Elaluz, chances are you’ll know the brand Founder, Camila Coelho. We’ve had a girl crush on Camila forEVER, so when we heard she was creating a beauty brand, we couldn’t wait to try it, and honestly, we’ve loved every product drop since its launch in 2020.

Formulated with high-performing clean ingredients, each product delivers consistent results, hence why it’s constantly getting rave reviews from influencers and pro-MUAs! But Camila hasn’t limited herself to one category, nor does she create “filler” products. She sells products that she believes are missing in the market with intention and integrity. Her line currently stocks a stunning mix of glow-getting makeup drops, luxe skincare offerings, and must-have body products like her Clean Deodorant, $14.

Product pick: We’re bringing it back to her first product drop with the lip + cheek stain, $18, because it’s just SO good. Minimal makeup lovers, this do-it-all tint is a no-brainer!

3. Ceremonia

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Ceremonia, which translates to ceremony in Spanish, was founded by Babba C. Rivera, who wanted to inject a little more self-care into haircare. As a child, she spent hours caring for her long, curly tresses and created a brand in honor of these sacred haircare rituals. The brand debuted with Aceite de Moska, $28, a heritage scalp oil that promotes shiny, healthy hair, and now features a range of rich haircare solutions, from aloe-vera infused mists to guava sprays.

Product pick: The Scalp Power Duo, $40, includes the award-winning scalp remedy oil, and the bestselling Scalp Masajeador to distribute product and gently exfoliate the scalp. It’s our go-to haircare duo!

4. Costa Brazil

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Former Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa created her brand inspired by her native country, Brazil. Its mission as a brand is “to create products that are beneficial to the body and the spirit – as well as the earth,” something we can 100% get behind. When it comes to conscious consumerism, they tick every box – they use sustainable, fair-trade ingredients and make their packaging from recycled ingredients. Not to mention it’s super chic and would elevate any #shelfie. As for the product range, they began with delicious skin-loving oils and have now made their way into the fragrance space, and we’re low-key obsessed.

Product pick: Aroma, $198, is evocative of the Amazon at dawn. It’s smokey yet fresh and incredibly alluring.

5. Ere Perez

Despite the fact that Ere Perez is actually a Bondi Beach-born skincare and makeup brand, it’s inspired by Ere Perez’s childhood in Mexico. Her family was constantly making natural remedies at home, and her grandfather was, in fact, a medicine man, so formulating beautiful, botanical-infused formulas is in her DNA, and that’s very much reflected in her brand ethos and inkey list. From Perez’s multi-tasking papaya balm to her beetroot cheek and lip tint, Ere Perez’s collection uses nourishing ingredients sourced from mother nature to amp up your beauty routine. We also have to take a minute to mention the minimalist packaging. One word: obsessed.

Product pick: Catch us slugging with the fig all-beauty jelly, $36, all winter long.

6. Nopalera

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Nopalera is a Mexican beauty brand inspired by the nopal cactus, an ancient symbol of Mexican culture, which is also one of the most nurturing, versatile plants in the world. Literally, it epitomizes the term: multi-tasking hero – you can eat it, make natural textures from it, and use it to hydrate your skin and hair. So of course, there’s a little cactus-loving in every Noperla product, from their botanical bars to their delicious scrubs. We’re also obsessed with their branding and merch. Excuse us while we stock up our cart, STAT.

Product pick: The Noche Clara Cactus Soap, $14, is enriched with plant butters and oils to cleanse and exfoliate the skin without stripping it of moisture. Inhale the subtle sense of eucalyptus for the ultimate self-care shower moment.

7. Valdé Beauty

Founder and former Chief Merchant of Sephora, Margarita Arriagada, knows a thing or two about the power of lipstick. Margarita created a clean lipstick-focused beauty brand as an ode to her late Peruvian mother, who was known for her crimson lips. Designed to last a lifetime, Valdé’s signature lipstick is enclosed in a refillable, metallic case with delicate feathered-wing detail. Sustainable, luxurious, and steeped in heritage? Yes, please. Side note: if you’re looking for a gift for your mom this holiday season, this is it!

Product pick: You need to purchase the VALDÉ ARMOR + REFILLABLE LIP SET, $199, to start your Valdé journey, and honestly, it’s SO worth it.

8. Shocks of Love

As soon as we discovered Shocks of Love, we immediately fell in love. This all-natural fragrance brand rooted in self-care speaks to us on sooooo many levels. When we dug a little deeper and learned more about their philosophy and the initiatives they support, we knew we had to spread the word. Founded by Juan Felipe Rendon in October 2020 and inspired by their grandfather – an agronomist in Colombia – Shocks of Love is a clean, gender-neutral fragrance line that aims to empower with its all-natural, skin-nourishing aromatherapy. They currently stock two products: their signature scent and a delicious body oil. We can’t wait to see where this brand goes, grows, and glows.

P.S. You also HAVE to check out their social content; the branding, product shots, and art direction is all #love.

Product pick: Woo Woo Me, $65, is the ultimate uplifting woody scent with notes of sandalwood, palo santo, and gardenia.

9. Treslúce Beauty by Becky G

Founded by popstar icon Becky G, Treslúce Beauty celebrates and supports LatinX heritage and culture at every possible turn. Their vegan, cruelty-free products are infused with LatinX-sourced ingredients, and their packaging is decorated with the most beautiful LatinX artwork. Their high-performing and high-impact formulas are also worth singing about (pun intended). Seriously, if you check Becky G’s beat, particularly when she’s on stage, it remains flawless; needless to say, each product has a ridiculously high staying power. They’re also environmentally conscious and use recyclable, reusable packaging whenever possible. In short: it’s everything you’d want from a makeup brand.

Product pick: Add the Forever Brillante Metallic Liquid Shadow, $16, to your makeup kit, and you’ll be giving glam popstar energy no matter what shade you pick.

10. Botanika Beauty

Last but not least, we have haircare brand Botanika Beauty, which provides products and CELEBRATES all hair types found within the LatinX community. Inspired by Botanica’s small neighborhood stores that sell healing herbs, Botanika Beauty brings self-care and hair-loving botanicals into the haircare industry. Their rich, nourishing formulas will add life and love to your tresses, whether you have long wavy locks or bouncy curls.

Product pick: The new Trio Bundle: The Manager, Lifter & Cleanser, $30, which features The Cleanser Hydrating Shampoo, The Manager Silkening Conditioner, The Lifter Volumizer Spray, is the perfect introduction to the brand.

To learn more about LatinX beauty, check out more iconic beauty rituals and brands rooted in LatinX culture.

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